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Obama Thinks Seeking His “Legacy” Means Playing The Fool

Obama makes a nuke deal with Iran with no pre-conditions, assures Americans and the world that nuclear weapon development will not be allowed to continue, and then gives Iran everything they demand as part of the deal. Obama gets nothing in return for his efforts and now we find out that Iran is indeed continuing to develop a nuclear weapon, as well as otherwise breaking all of the articles to the agreement, which Iran still refuses to sign by the way, and which our fool president insists is a good deal for the world and enhances his legacy. And all of this is after Obama ignored the Iranian green revolution in 2009, thereby dooming all of the young people who risked their lives in an attempt to overthrow the dictatorship of the Mullahs in Iran.

Now Obama is rewarding the criminal Cuban dictatorship for their years of terror on the Cuban population by sealing a deal in which he restored diplomatic relations with them. This weekend Obama traveled to Cuba in hopes of being received like the hero he thinks he is. But, Surprise! Our idle-minded president was insulted and snubbed by the Castro brothers and left alone and lonely at the airport. But, true to his attitude toward dictatorship regimes, he just kept on playing the game, grinning his Alfred E. Neuman grin and pretended he didn’t catch the insult he got from the Castros.

What does Obama not understand about national pride and personal legacies? Why can’t this man understand that history will laugh at him in the future just as Iranian and Cuban rulers are laughing at him today, and as we all laugh at Neville Chamberlain for his idiotic, legacy-building, Peace In Our Time deal with Hitler? Recall when Obama whispered to Russian President Medvedev that he would be able to deal more freely with Vladimir Putin if Vlad would only give him time to win a second term as American president, at which time he would be free to give the Russians everything they want? When you consider the whipping Putin later gave Obama in Syria, it’s plain to see that, once again, Obama played the fool to Russia and got his head handed to him. International dictators are a little more difficult for an American president to deal with than are local community ward-leader Democrats and PC-terrified corporate CEOs, and Obama is now way out of his depth. He is no longer the sharp Chicago Community Organizer and rabble rouser he once was. He’s now a failed president leading a once great nation on a downward path to oblivion.

Obama obviously loves and admires absolute power and dictatorships with whom he can make deals. It’s equally obvious that he hates American constitutional government which places obstacles in his way when he wants to act like a Putin or a Castro. Obama’s presidency shows us that he’s made every effort to become a dictator here at home. But one wonders if Obama is as stupid as he seems to be and if there is not some personal reward coming his way after he leaves office for allowing our foreign adversaries to walk all over him while serving as president. After all, if Obama is held in low regard, all Americans are held in low regard as a result, and this pleases our enemies greatly. Elections have consequences and our national embarrassment is one of the negative results of Obama being president.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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