Obama Plans To Punish Change/Warming Deniers. So Much For Free Speech And Liberal Tolerance.

In Nazi Germany the storm troopers would shoot anyone found giving shelter to a government-proclaimed sub-human Jew or Gypsy.

In ancient Egypt a solar eclipse frightened the villagers so much that they sacrificed people to please the spirits.

In early America an Indian tribe could send a woman into the wilderness to die of starvation and exposure for passing in front of the chief’s tent while she was pregnant.

In 2016’s America the Obama administration is considering putting anyone who denies climate change/global warming, or who doesn’t believe the ice bergs are melting and flooding the world’s land masses, in jail. Once again Obama is undermining and shredding the constitution. This is an example of the open minded, nonjudgmental left doing what it does best: crush any resistance to its edicts and its schemes. It’s what they do: they devise a scheme to make people feel guilty and stop enjoying their lives, they raise taxes to fund the implementation of the scheme, and then to make everyone toe-the-line, they place non-believers in jail. This is what the Obama administration has come to.

And, of course, they claim to have precedence on their side. They list the old case of the tobacco industry denying that smoking cigarettes caused health problems, which was proven to be a false position and for which the tobacco industry was duly punished, as sufficient legal case evidence that they can now have American citizens sent to prison because they don’t believe the government position that the oceans are rising. It’s true that the tobacco industry did withhold information that proved their product was harmful, but right there is the difference: the corporations withheld information they knew proved them wrong, and there was actual scientifically provable evidence of the potential harm from their product. In the current case of warming/change no one is withholding any information because there is no information to withhold. The government is making a claim of warming/change for which there is no actual, provable, scientific evidence to back them up, only computer programming that produces the outcome they want, but doesn’t track with the real world.

The term “climate change” is intentionally unspecific because the temperature changes all the time, season to season and day to day. Satellite data proves that there has been no rise in the temperature of the earth in a long while. But the left has been scaring us for years with horror stories of first a new ice age, and then fears of warming and death to our entire society if we don’t make draconian changes that give central government much increased power over each citizen’s life. Paul Ehrlich predicted a massive human die-off in the 1970s as the population of the world grew so rapidly that our food supply could not keep up and food-wars would result in total chaos and destruction. But this prediction did not happen. Then in the 1980s Ted Danson said that by the 1990s the oceans would all be devoid of any life, but that didn’t happen either.

Then seven years ago Obama took up the mantle of scare mongering and said at his inauguration that he would save the planet and halt the rise of the oceans. But oddly enough, he’s not taking credit for stopping the rise of the oceans, which I would think he would do since there is no salt water running in the streets of Miami, Long Beach or New York City. The reason he’s not asking for credit is that there never was a threat of the oceans flowing into American cities. But Obama is still stating that this threat continues to this moment, and he is still predicting death and destruction and trying to convince the citizens of America to give up their autos and air conditioning in an effort to save the polar bears. This pitch is unseemly and a lie, and it is simply a power grab and wealth redistribution scheme, the likes of which Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton would love.

If anyone should go to jail it’s the Obama administration for allowing the EPA to issue massive environmental regulations that invade the liberty of every American citizen and kill thousands of jobs, forcing people who were once employed and independent of government control over their lives, to have to accept food stamps and welfare in order to support their families.

Death Valley and the Sahara Desert used to be oceans, but forces beyond our comprehension caused the water to evaporate, the land dried up and deserts formed. So how do liberals explain this naturally changing occurrence, which happened prior to any human occupation, and certainly before the evil automobile or a coal-fired power plant can be blamed as a source of pollution that caused the drastic change in the environment, similar to what is now supposedly destroying the world? Liberals don’t explain their radical plans. They just tell people to shut up and do what Obama and his liberal pals tell them to do, or go to jail.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Jim, I am just CHOMPING at the bit for Obama the lawless to create such a law (unconstitutionally AND regardless of precedence) and then attempt to put someone in jail. Think about the exposure to their LIES, DECEIT and TRICKERY such an attempt would expose. Think about all the facts that would be brought to the bench about AGW. Oh, PLEEEZE let them try this.

    AGW is a LIE!! I officially deny agw and embrace natural climate change caused by the SUN! AGW is a communist LIE – DECEIT – on an unprecedented, colossal scale! There! I said it! ARREST ME, FoOLS!!

    Thanks Jim.

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