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Liberal Press Dumps On Trump Off-Hand “Riot” Remark, And Ignores Democrat Plans For A Violent “Democracy Spring”

In a completely innocent remark Donald Trump recently stated that if he has sufficient primary votes to win the Republican nomination and if the Republican establishment refuses to recognize him as the candidate to represent Republicans as their presidential candidate in November that this dereliction of duty will cause a “riot” from Republicans who voted for him in the primaries. Of course the next thing the leftist press could think to say was that Trump was calling on Republicans to riot and cause trouble at Trump’s bidding. Why should one be surprised when the context of a statement by a leading Republican would be completely distorted by the leftist punks in the media? It’s obvious that Angry White Males don’t have time to riot, they have jobs and families to attend to and have never become an “occupy” movement.

On the other hand, the Drudge Report is the only place I’ve seen reference to the plans being laid by George Soros and Move-on.Org (a pro-Bernie Sanders group) for a violent Democracy Spring demonstration across the United States to generate a “fire that transforms the political climate in America”. Leftists, in an effort also backed by the AFL-CIO, fully intend to riot beginning in April because, well, just because. Has anyone heard the liberal press insist that Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton reject and condemn the Democracy Spring movement? No, and you never will. It just never comes up in polite conversation.

So the left plans and announces violent demonstrations this spring for purely political reasons, and Trump is savaged for simply stating that his followers will be angry if electoral justice is not done after a season of peaceful voting.

If one looks closely at the words of the Democracy Spring bunch, they’ll notice that they use wording similar to Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” when they claim they will ignite a “fire that transforms…America”. But does the press claim that Obama has inspired specific leftist plans to become violent in this political year? No. It’s those pesky “angry white males” that are destroying America, by going peacefully to their polling place and voting for their chosen candidate.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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