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As Usual, Democrats Condemn Republicans For Their Words, When Democrats’ Actual Deeds Are Much More Offensive

As one could predict, Hillary is criticizing Republicans for what they are saying during their campaigns, when the actual actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton throughout their political lives are much worse than anything the Republicans could say.

When Donald Trump made the reference about Mitt Romney being on his knees, it could well have been a reference to Mitt begging for Trump’s endorsement during Mitt’s presidential campaign four years ago, or maybe not. But it’s a certainty that Trump’s words are nowhere near as bad as Bill Clinton’s actual actions in the Oval Office with a young lady, while using a cigar and her blue dress as entertainment. And what about Bill Clinton testifying in court that oral sex is not really “having sex” in any conventional way, thus insinuating that his actions in the Oval Office should not even be mentioned or considered. Was that a “presidential” way to behave? And it’s not his words that are as offensive as it is the actions that his words attempt to excuse.

Similarly, Hillary is saying that corporations should treat employees better and not ever lay them off or fire them.  Evidently the good lady has conveniently forgotten that she fired the entire White House travel staff without cause during the Clinton administration, and replaced them with personnel provided by a friend of the Clintons. The staff she fired had served many presidents over many years, and one of the staff was nearing retirement when the ax fell. But in order to serve her friend for financial gain, the entire staff was dismissed by Mrs. Clinton.

The White House travel staff, unlike a private company, did not need to make a profit, it was a government agency paid for by the tax payers, so it was just for her own personal-profit reasons that Hillary fired the staff. But a corporation must make a profit or the entire base of employees will be without jobs, so occasionally staffing adjustments have to be made by the leadership of the company to protect the whole corporation and allow it to profit and continue to employ people. This sort of thing goes on in companies all the time, whether the leadership of the company is of a conservative or liberal political leaning, while the firing of the White House travel office by Hillary Clinton was mean, selfish and unnecessary.

Hillary also forgets that she paid her female Senate staff members less than she paid her male staffers, but every time she opens her mouth she is heard belching her usual rhetoric about making certain that women are always paid the same as men. No wonder Hillary is thought of as a liar and not trusted by a majority of Americans.

If Hillary didn’t have two faces she would have no visage at all. She is a complete and unapologetic liar, but that’s what it takes to win in the Democrat party.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. It staggers the mind how the most hypocritical person in the democratic party is the front-runner.

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