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Super-Taxer Bernie Will Ruin You With Taxes, But Al Sharpton Gets A Pass

Socialist, and Democrat presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, in a desperate quest for black votes, met with Al Sharpton following the recent New Hampshire primary election. Although Bernie promises to raise the taxes of every hard-working, tax-paying, patriotic American to confiscatory, punitive and damaging levels, he apparently will not apply these same tax policies to Mr. Sharpton. Al still owes millions of dollars in state and federal taxes from past years that he refuses to pay, and here is our Bernie, hat in hand, begging Al-the-tax-dodger, one of the dirtiest people on the American scene today, for an endorsement. Bernie makes it plain as day how firmly held his socialist, progressive, Democrat principles are when it comes to pandering for votes. Or is he “pimping for votes”? Just think how many poor, hungry children could be fed if Mr. Sharpton would just pay his back-taxes. But neither Al nor Bernie give a damn about poor children. All they care about is their own aggrandizement, wealth and the furthering of the Democrat party’s socialism and destruction of the American economy.

Bernie and Al met in a soul food restaurant in Harlem, but the food was apparently not to Bernie’s elitist, inside-Washington taste because he reportedly did not partake of the ethnic fare he was offered. So Bernie seems to not really be “down with the struggle” as he would have us believe. No, Bernie only identifies with young, white people who are dumb enough to believe that a free college education will get them any job better than the fifteen-dollar minimum-pay slop currently reserved for young people, blacks, Hispanics and whites, who are unable to find a decent job in the Obama economy and its non-recovery.

With these two scoundrels meeting and plotting how to next fleece the American voter, we can easily predict who they’re planning to bitch-slap should Bernie become our next president: the American tax-payer, black and white, with generations of Americans suffering from their socialist, communist idiocy for years to come.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Bernie isn’t the only part of this election that defies all logic known to man…..There is enough ‘silly’ to go around the room of both parties…Barnum and Bailey would envy this circus……this makes it even more important that EACH of us MUST choose a candidate and WORK to get him elected…and love our country enough to back and vote for THE candidate that MOST of our party wants as president…..it’s either that or adjust to living as socialist….Turn out will be the deciding factor….

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