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Sloppy Leftist Thinking Compares Trump With Hitler, But Ignores Obama’s Dictatorial Actions

On February 21st, Danielle Allen wrote an opinion article for the Washington Post titled “The moment of truth: We must stop Trump”. In the article she compared Donald Trump with at least the idea of an Adolf Hitler.  The most important part of her rambling, sloppy article resides in the second to last paragraph where she lets us know that she is completely off base with her speculation about Trump while she apparently likes the Hitler-like actions of Obama.

In the paragraph she states that “Donald Trump has no respect for…constitutional democracy, nor for the requirements of decency necessary to sustain democratic citizenship”. So, with this quick and late entry in her article, Ms. Allen shows how twisted her thinking is in wondering how a Hitler can come along in a modern state: she has ignored the denial of a “constitutional democracy” under the Barack Obama administration, considering that he illegally and unconstitutionally opened the borders of America to the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. And Obama spit on the idea of a “constitutional democracy” when he denied Americans the right to select and pay for their own healthcare. Ms. Allen also ignores Obama’s hostility toward a “requirement of decency”, when Obama’s administration forced Catholic Nuns to provide and/or pay for abortions and birth control in their religious establishments, these being two of the most important and forbidden tenets of their religion. Mr. Obama is definitely not a “decent” man.

Ms. Allen ignores her own guy, Obama, and his unconstitutional and unlawful behavior in her search for the rise of a new Hitler. Obama acts unilaterally any time he wants something done and the Republicans oppose him on constitutional or legal grounds.  Mr. Obama doesn’t have the “requirement of decency” Ms. Allen is looking for, because he doesn’t recognize the constitutional requirement of a balance of powers nor of a separation of powers among the three branches of government in the United States. He just issues executive orders and expects obedience.

The astounding thing is that Ms. Allen is merely speculating about how Trump will act in office, but Obama has already proven himself unfit to serve considering the unconstitutional things he’s done, utilizing methods that Hitler used to gain the power that Ms. Allen, correctly, so deplores. But I guess Ms. Allen likes legally harassing and threatening old, peaceful Nuns and making them do the most abhorrent things they can imagine, because she can find no criticism for Obama when he actually commits these acts. But for Donald Trump she has only to imagine a future transgression and then try to hang the tag of Hitler on him.

I would like to say to anyone who thinks that Obama’s lack of real-world experience along with his short service in the U.S. Senate before becoming president is why he is such a bad president and so divisive in office, and I would advise them against using this thinking to suggest that Republicans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio be blocked from consideration for the presidency due to their own short tenures in the Senate. It wasn’t Obama’s lack of Senate seniority that makes him the worst president in American history; it’s his leftist/progressive ideology that causes him to do unconstitutional, unheard-of things as part of achieving his “fundamental transformation of America” that makes him so bad.

It’s Obama who must be stopped before he does any more harm to this great nation, not Donald Trump.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I agree that Trump is using the SAME TECHNIQUES as Hitler did to anger the masses. I AM A CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE. So, I disagree with your analysis.

    I think Ted Cruz would better serve our country, adhering to our Constitution. Donald Trump will never be held responsible for the thousands of dollars he gave to the Democrat party and to certain Democrats to further their agenda and the demise of America. WHAT PART OF THAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? Yet, people like you will say that Donald Trump has an ‘awakening’, or made a mistake. But, you should know that Trump gave OVER AND OVER AND OVER to the leftists and they in turn, used that money AGAINST America.

    I am simply amazed at how you Trump people bury your heads in the sand and give this BIG GOVERNMENT guy a pass. You will deserve what you get.

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