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New Hampshire Primary results and live updates

Polls just started to close in New Hampshire as a massive turnout of voters begins the process of selecting the nominee for the Republican and Democrat parties.

New Hampshire has a record of accurately selecting the winning nominees. Results next and live updates of news and info further down. *Refresh for updates*

Current Results:

GOP: (90% of vote in) (Projected Winner, Current Second, Current Third)

Candidate % of vote
Jeb Bush  11.1
Ben Carson  2.3
Chris Christie 7.5
Ted Cruz  11.6
Carly Fiorina  4.2
Jim Gilmore  <.1
Mike Huckabee  .1
John Kasich 15.9
Rand Paul  .6
Marco Rubio  10.5
Rick Santorum  .1
Donald Trump  35.1

DNC: (90% of vote in)

Candidate % of vote
Hillary Clinton  38.4
Bernie Sanders  60.0


Live Updates

10:26: NJ Gov Chris Christie will not make SC debate due to poor NH performance and … he’s going home for a “fresh breath” or some crap like that.

10:47p: Everything is decided except if Bush or Cruz will be second and by how much.

10:08p: Trumps says nothing new in his victory rally. Thanks his family and campaign manager. Forgot the folks who voted for him.. but they won’t care.

9:38p: Bernie says that it’s not fair that the United States is the richest nation in the world. Which country would he like to see supercede us?

9:23p: Hillary is a mess. She’s giving a speech as if she won, when she just got her butt handed to her. only 5% found her trustworthy and her biggest voting base? those making $200,000+

9:22p: Hillary cozies up to Bernie’s positions while decrying Wall St. and big money in politics … huh??

8:47p: Looking at these numbers, what happens if Christie, Carson and Fiorina drop out (14.3% of voters at this time – comment at will below!)

8:40p: Cruz doing much better than expected, likely due to Christie’s concentrated attacks on Rubio which netted the NJ governor … nothing.

8:00p: With just 4% of the vote in, everyone and their brother is calling the race for Trump and Sanders. Now… we watch to see who gets second in the GOP race

7:53p: polls close at 8pm (other than Merrimack – extended by traffic)

7:45p: Massive traffic in Merrimack causes huge traffic delays, poll open time extended by 45 mins, now line has been marked as – the end of the line.

7:37pm: 2% Vote in for dems, 1% for Republicans

7:13pm: Preliminary results filtering in, waiting for significant numbers to report

7:00pm: Polls beginning to close (Nashua and others close at 8pm ET)

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