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Bernie And Hillary Make Poor Robin Hoods (Just Plain “Hoods” Better Describes Them)

The Robin Hood reference is for Bernie’s and Hillary’s promise to provide free education to all students forever. But they have the beneficiaries of this big-government largess reversed. They want to be seen as promising the middle class the benefit of a free education, when in reality a large section of the middle class don’t attend college (is college needed to drive a cab, be a lineman for AT&T, become a plumber or work on the Ford assembly line?), but the middle class taxpayer will absolutely pay the majority of the cost of providing free college. So we have a case of the middle class paying for the education of the upper class. Robin Hood and his serf friends are being forced to pay for the education of the Sheriff of Nottingham and the King of England. However, the fact that so many young people are buying into this idiotic scheme proves that education would serve them well for being so dumb, but I know that the government education that would be offered at such government colleges would still leave graduates as dumb as when they went in.

Also, considering the free college idea from the leftist/progressive perspective of global warming/climate change, do we really want the government to support college education for all Americans, when we know that a college education will often improve the salary that graduates make, and they spend this extra money on airline travel, big cars, big houses and otherwise assume a large carbon footprint while expending their excess cash. So from the left’s position on the lie of climate change/global warming, they should oppose any higher education. But trying to make sense of what the leftists want to do and what they support will make you crazy if you attempt to analyze it.

Concentrating on Hillary for a moment, her recent barking-like-a-dog episode reminds one of Howard Dean and his primal scream a few years back. And how about Michael Dukakis wearing the Beetle Bailey helmet? What’s up with Democrat campaigning practices?

One of Hillary’s most-repeated phrases in her presidential campaign is “.. I will work for you”. I cringe every time I hear this idiotic phrase because it’s the expression of a dictator. The words literally mean that she will give all the free stuff that government has to offer to her voters and thereby make them happy. The phrase must be taken to mean that she knows the individual wants and needs of all of her voters and, like Santa Claus, will give them exactly what they want and need most. The phrase further suggests that she will treat everyone the same, with no allowance for individual tastes and preferences, and will place everyone’s wants in a one-size-fits-all cube, at the expense of the evil rich. Of course Hillary will not work for either you or me. She works for herself and she lies to get votes so she can use the influence of the office of president to dish out favors to big corporations and Saudi oil sheiks in response for million dollar donations made to her Clinton foundation.

Conservatives also make promises, but their promises don’t promise stuff, they promise liberty and freedom. A true conservative will promise his/her best to get government, represented by the IRS, the EPA, the FED, HUD and numerous other government agencies, off their backs and out of their lives so they can work and save and invest on their own and achieve the life each individual wants and deserves for himself/herself and their family. A government limited by our constitution will exercise only the limited and defined power it’s allowed to have, and all other powers will reside in the individual, thus making him/her free and proud of their achievements.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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