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Will We Ever Learn The True Relationship Between Obama And Iran?

(Obama And The Iran Nuke Deal: From Stupid To Dangerous To Criminal)

Ever since the early months of the Obama administration, when Obama allowed Iran to imprison, torture and kill the young people who made up the Green revolution in that country, I wondered what hold Iran had on our Obama that allowed him to turn his back on people trying to rid themselves of religious persecution and throw off the yoke forced upon them by the Mullahs.

Since that time Obama has proven himself to be quite a fan of Iran and seems to favor that terrorist dictatorship over any other nation. The recent foolish and idiotic Iran nuke agreement has proven that Obama and the Mullahs have a suspicious pact going that the rest of us aren’t privy to.

I have two questions that might express the major areas of concern with Obama’s Iran deal:

Why would Obama sign an agreement with the terrorist-state of Iran that even members of his own party believe is harmful to America?

Why would Obama still move forward with the agreement and still consider waiving sanctions on Iran when the Mullahs have already broken the deal with a missile test, and while Obama’s beloved United Nations is investigating the test, which violates its resolution 1929.

When the idiotic Iran nuke deal was negotiated by the Obama administration we were assured that if Iran violated the deal the violation would be noticed (except that we later found out that we had to depend on the Iranians themselves to report any violation, not an independent observer) and upon learning of a violation the “snap-back” provision would automatically happen and the sanctions would be immediately placed on Iran again (but then we later learned that Iran has 24 days following the reporting of a violation before inspectors could actually visit the violation site, and we also later learned that America will not be allowed to perform any after-violation inspections).  As usual with the lying Obama administration, his promises and assurances are worthless.

As thinking people everywhere knew all along, the idiots Kerry and Obama negotiated a piece of crap agreement with Iran that is working (as intended) to the harm of America and Israel. Why would Obama, in his expressed intention to “fundamentally transform America” not negotiate an agreement that would also “fundamentally harm America”?  Harming and weakening America is what Obama is all about. What hold does Iran have over our Obama?

And now, after Obama’s bad nuke deal has been signed and our ruler is proceeding to give Iran everything it wants just to keep them happy, we learn that the genius lawyers in the Obama administration have missed legislation that Obama himself signed into law in 2012, which forbids provisions in the nuke deal that are important to Obama and his legacy. If a corporation had negotiated such a deal in violation of U.S. law, Obama would have them in chains in five minutes and would be berating them daily as evil capitalist corporations plotting against the laws of  our nation and the welfare of all Americans. Fortunately for Obama, laws don’t keep him from implementing his favored policies. He’s part of enlightened government and immune to mere laws.

PS: At this time we see that other Middle East players (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sudan, and UAE) are currently at serious odds with Iran, with war seeming to be inevitable soon if the tension doesn’t lessen, following an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran. Obama’s much-sought legacy is continuing to play out with death promised to many innocent people all over the world because Obama is weak and indecisive and desirous of a legacy, any legacy, even if it’s bad.  Plus there’s his suspicious, incestuous dealings with Iran that we may never learn the truth of.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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