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There Is No Doubt You’re A Liberal If…

You believe Hillary landed in an aircraft in Bosnia while under enemy fire.

You think “what difference, at this point, does it make” was a good response for Hillary and excused her from culpability in the Benghazi terrorist attack and the resulting murders of her staff there.

You think the wholesale release of enemy combatants from GITMO is good idea and makes America safer.

You think Hillary’s use of an unsecure email server handling Top Secret memos was legal.

You think Hillary’s appeal to women, using sex-offender Bill Clinton as her spokesman, is a good idea.

You think defying the constitution with executive orders is “what we are” as Americans.

You disregard and dismiss Obama’s repeated lies of the past, but believe his new lies about global warming and climate change.

You believe prosperity can be restored to America with government issuing all the rules for the conduction of business, and the EPA issuing new regulations controlling businesses every week.

You believe that videos of Donald Trump making speeches actually recruits Muslims to kill Americans, but don’t believe that Obama bombing ISIS camps in Syria or killing Osama bin Laden angers them.

You don’t believe that Obama inviting immigrants to illegally cross our borders, thereby causing young children and girls to make the trip across Mexico alone and likely being sexually attacked, raped and at times enslaved into prostitution by the gangs resident in Mexico, is child abuse by the Obama administration and punishable under American law for intentionally putting children in harm’s way.

You think that Hillary, as part of the Clinton Bimbo Eruption in the 1990s, abusing and threatening women who spoke out against their attacker, Bill Clinton, is not conducting her own “War On Women”.

If you believe the things above you are not only a liberal, but you also buy the tooth fairy thing.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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