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Did Trump just call Megyn Kelly a ‘Bimbo’ [again]

Talk radio, blogs and social media are alive with rebukes and cheers for Donald Trump having called Megyn Kelly a ‘bimbo’ again – but did he?

Billionair presidential candidate Donald Trump has kept himself in the headlines by boycotting tonight’s Fox News debate after a dust-up with Fox News over statements the news organization made. Now, he’s back in the news being accused of referring to anchor Megyn Kelly as a bimbo.

First, exhibit A your honors: A tweet on Donald Trump’s official, authenticated twitter account:

The entry from Trump’s account set off a firestorm of praise and disdain.



But did Donald actually call her a bimbo? Not directly. As you see the first twitter handle with a colon after their name and the entire text of the tweet in quotes, this is what’s known as a ‘quoted retweet.’ These are more typically used with the retweeter wants to add comment to a tweet they wish to share with their followers. In Trump’s case, he just retweeted it without comment.

Does this mean he likes, doesn’t like, approves or doesn’t approve of the tweet? Nope. Retweeting does not necessarily mean agreement – but it can be an indication.

Yesterday, Donald tweeted that he would not call her a bimbo:

To follow that up with retweeting someone who actually did call her a bimbo .. is questionable. But hey, that’s just Trump.

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