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What Is It With Hillary’s Videos and Obama’s Cable TV Remarks?

Usually politicians are clever enough to discuss believable things that make their point or that endear them with the public, but in the case of Hillary and Obama they are stuck on dumb and dumber, each with their own favorite lying subjects. These two leaders of the Democrat party are repeat, proven, pathological liars, and while they lie about a wide range of subjects, Hillary is most fond of videos and Obama prefers Cable TV.

Hillary, who has a broad plateau of lies on her resume (White Water; Bimbo Gate; Cattle futures; emergency landing, under enemy fire, in Bosnia; receiving Top Secret emails on an unsecure server; only using one mobile device while Sec State) seems to favor referencing videos, one of which she lyingly says caused the Benghazi consulate attack and killings, and the other was about ISIS using Donald Trump’s image to attract recruits to their murderous cause. Both video references are lies.  What is it that Hillary doesn’t understand about going to the well one too many times?

And then we have the sitting president who lately likes to blame everything on cable TV. On one occasion he told an interviewer that he was unaware of a major event having taken place in his own administration until he saw it reported on TV. On another occasion, when he pretended to not understand how upset the public was about the Paris terrorist attacks last November, he said that he doesn’t watch TV enough and was therefore uninformed of their concern about terrorism in general. And then most recently, when Obama learned that the American public is worried about the terrorist attack here at home in San Bernardino, and Obama’s “What, Me Worry?” response to it, he blamed the public’s concern for terrorism on Cable TV’s reporting of the news, thereby frightening the public unnecessarily, when most of us believe the reason for the press is actually to report the news as it happens.

Obama’s resume of lies is so much larger than Hillary’s that one would think he would have a wider range to select from and get off the Cable TV sticking point. GOTUS (Golfer of the United States) is good at lying, but terrible at deciding what to lie about.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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