Three Things We Can Expect From Obama In Order To Hurriedly Finalize His “Fundamental Transformation Of America”

I’ve been sitting on this document and its dire predictions of things to come at the end of Obama’s administration for some time, but with the House of Representatives’ recent 2000-page, trillion-dollar-plus spending bill that funds every un-American thing Obama claims he wants, and most of what establishment Republicans have claimed they would vote down if we elected them into office again, America’s demise has been cemented into place.                   

First, because Obama got no political traction following his statements informing us how violent Christian terrorists were during the Crusades one thousand years ago; and while we continue to see Muslim terrorist killings surge around the world in spite of Obama assuring us that these people only want peace, we can expect that Obama’s pals will arrange a major attack on American soil, or a series of smaller but bloody attacks, that will be committed in such a way that will enable Obama to identify the attackers as being Christians and/or conservative “terrorists” so he can claim that both sides of this argument are violent and extremists. Obama will make much noise of how horrible Christians are, thereby removing the pressure from his administration in their efforts to import tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees”, which influx ISIS has promised to infiltrate with their own terrorists.

Second, Obama has already allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to invade our nation unchecked and has stashed these people we-know-not-where throughout the country. In an effort to bring these illegal aliens out of the shadows and into the Democrat voting booths, Obama will try to convince the nation of the necessity of establishing a two-nation state, like the two-nation state that Obama and the United Nations are pushing for Israel to establish to accommodate the Palestinians.  Obama will then insist that the border-crashing invaders he has illegally allowed into the U.S. have Constitutional rights in the newly created second-state, and will begin locating them in Arizona, New Mexico and California in order to establish the two-state entity he dreams so fondly of. With that accomplished, our brave leader can then say he has finally accomplished treating these illegal people in keeping with “the way we do things” and that his actions represent “what we are” as a nation. In reality Obama has so terribly divided our nation between black and white, Christian and Muslim and police and citizens, that making two nations out of it may be a good idea, because he has destroyed the original America.

Third, because Obama, despite his best efforts to the contrary, has been unable to fulfill his promise to “fundamentally transform America”, and keeping in mind that he only has a year left to accomplish his destruction of America, and being mindful that with the Iranian nuke deal he signed he not only opened the door for Iran to fully develop a nuclear weapon, but also released billions of dollars for the Mullahs to spend on terrorism around the world, one can fully expect a major military-style attack, if not a nuclear attack, on America, which will allow Obama to declare martial law, shut down all radio, TV and print criticism of the Obama administration and will allow the suspension of the 2016 presidential election while our brave leader negotiates the surrender of America to whatever enemy attacks us.

Why else would Obama open our borders and allow no security checks to be made of the invaders at all?  Why else would Obama insist, in spite of the domestic and foreign attacks on civilians by Muslim terrorists, that tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” be allowed to enter the country with little or no security checks having been made?

Obama has been stymied and stalled in his attempts to redirect attention from leftist extremists and Muslim terrorists and onto Christian citizens, and we can expect an inundation of abuses to our Constitution and to our national security as Obama approaches the end of his presidency. To borrow a phrase from Rahm Emanuel, Obama will make every effort to not let the series of crises he has created these last seven years “go to waste”, and will try to use them to further undermine the constitution, deny constitutional rights to citizens, and destroy America.

The idiot and traitorous Republicans in the House of Representatives have completed Obama’s promise to destroy America by fully funding every scheme Obama has laid out to undermine our economy and divide our society, and now all Americans can do is sit back and watch the vultures pick our nation apart like a conquering army, because that’s exactly what establishment Republicans and Obama are: they are an invading army who have waged war on America, and the citizens of the United States, and they have won.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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