Grexit: Lindsey Graham exits the presidential race .. time to delete the whole under-card?

The kids table early debate has been interesting, but ineffectual. Has Sen. Graham’s exit also set the course for Kasich and Paul to pull the plug as well?

I submit that any candidate with less support than Carly Fiorina should gracefully exit and allow their followers enough time to find a new favorite. The most recent average of polling data suggests that a few others might need to consider bowing out:

Newest GOP 2016 presidential polling data

Pataki’s campaign has been an illustration of how to “phone in” a run for the presidency. Kasich is weak on … well .. everything. take those two out and at least one or two votes might go to other candidates.

The next tier of also-ran candidates will likely include some highly-visible choices like Sen. Paul and Dr. Carson.

Rand Paul always does well in online polls, but struggles outside of his home state. Other than tiny base of loyal followers, Paul is suffering from his father’s challenges – active, but small, the numbers are .. not enough.

Ben Carson enjoyed front-runner status for a time, but just never expressed a concise and intelligent foreign policy view. His demeanor is pleasant, but his lack of understanding of the workings of the world are not.

The next tier of candidates are hanging on, but barely.

Jeb! hasn’t managed to do anything and is now copying Trump’s tactics of name calling in a last-ditch effort to save his campaign. Bush today called Donald “a jerk” formally inviting Trump to be … “a jerk.”

Fiorina did the whole puppy-mercial that no one, not even her, can figure out why it was made. She also struggled with which generals were or were not embattled with Obama. She was a riser when she had her ducks in a row, not so much with her puppies and generals running astray.

Christie is an outlier. Tough to tell if he can entice the base after some difficult political choices as the governor of New Jersey.

One way or another, here’s who’s left.

Name Born Current/previous positions State Announced Candidate Logo and campaign link Ref
Jeb Bush
February 11, 1953
(age 62)
Midland, Texas
Governor of Florida

Florida Secretary of Commerce (1987–1988)
Flag-map of Florida.svg
June 15, 2015 Jeb Bush presidential campaign, 2016
FEC filing
Ben Carson
September 18, 1951
(age 64)
Detroit, Michigan
Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery,
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Flag-map of Maryland.svg
May 4, 2015 Carson for President 2016.png
FEC filing
Chris Christie
September 6, 1962
(age 53)
Newark, New Jersey
Governor of New Jersey

United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey (2002–2008)
Morris County Freeholder (1995–1998)
Flag-map of New Jersey.svg
New Jersey
June 30, 2015 Christie 2k16.png
FEC filing
Ted Cruz
December 22, 1970
(age 44)
Calgary, Alberta
United States Senator from Texas

Solicitor General of Texas (2003–2008)
Texas flag map.svg
March 23, 2015 Cruz 2k16 text.png
FEC filing
Carly Fiorina by Gage Skidmore 3 (cropped).jpg
Carly Fiorina
September 6, 1954
(age 61)
Austin, Texas
CEO of Hewlett-Packard

Nominee for United States Senate in California, 2010
Flag-map of Virginia.svg
May 4, 2015 Carly for President Logo.png
FEC filing
Jim Gilmore
October 6, 1949
(age 66)
Richmond, Virginia
Governor of Virginia

Presidential candidate in 2008
Nominee for United States Senate in Virginia, 2008
Attorney General of Virginia (1994–1997)
Flag-map of Virginia.svg
July 30, 2015 Gilmore 2016.png
FEC filing
Mike Huckabee
August 24, 1955
(age 60)
Hope, Arkansas
Governor of Arkansas

Presidential candidate in 2008
Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas (1993–1996)
Flag-map of Arkansas.svg
May 5, 2015 Huckabee Plain.png
FEC filing
John Kasich
May 13, 1952
(age 63)
McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
Governor of Ohio

Presidential candidate in 2000
United States Representative from Ohio (1983–2001)
Ohio State Senator (1979–1982)
Ohio Flag Map Accurate.png
July 21, 2015 Kasich 2016.png
FEC filing
George Pataki
June 24, 1945
(age 70)
Peekskill, New York
Governor of New York

New York State Senator (1993–1994)
New York State Assemblyperson (1985–1992)
Mayor of Peekskill (1981–1984)
Flag-map of New York.svg
New York
May 28, 2015 Pataki for President Campaign Logo.png
FEC filing
Rand Paul by Gage Skidmore 13.jpg
Rand Paul
January 7, 1963
(age 52)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States Senator from Kentucky
Flag-map of Kentucky.svg
April 7, 2015 Rand Paul Presidential Campaign logo.svg
FEC filing
Marco Rubio by Gage Skidmore 8.jpg
Marco Rubio
May 28, 1971
(age 44)
Miami, Florida
United States Senator from Florida

Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives (2007–2009)
Florida State Representative (2000–2009)
Flag-map of Florida.svg
April 13, 2015 Marco Rubio 2016 Campaign logo.png
FEC filing
Rick Santorum
May 10, 1958
(age 57)
Winchester, Virginia
United States Senator from Pennsylvania

Presidential candidate in 2012
United States Representative from Pennsylvania (1991–1995)
Flag-map of Pennsylvania.svg
May 27, 2015 Santorum 2k16 text.png
FEC filing
Donald Trump Aug 19 2015.jpg
Donald Trump
June 14, 1946
(age 69)
Queens, New York
CEO of The Trump Organization
Flag-map of New York.svg
New York
June 16, 2015 Trump 2016.png
FEC filing

The question is how many of them should follow Sen. Graham off the also-ran debate stage.

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One Comment

  1. One would think (my 1st mistake) that to stay at the bottom of the totem pole would be humiliating after a while…..Rand Paul, like his father will stay in and stay in all the while raking in Party funds and donations. “whining all the way” Matter of fact, listening to debates and interviews I’m surprised that with al the other whiners on stage they haven’t formed a choir.

    I honestly think that the ‘re-runs’ and a couple or more of the others are on nothing more than an ego trip to serve themselves, rather than the Country.

    Several have a trait I feel would be desirable, but am yet to commit. Thanks for the info, Rick. It is vital that we have all of the information we can. and remember to VOTE FOR AMERICA

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