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Good News: Liberals have managed to mix Atheism AND Gun Grabbing…

Why just push one agenda item when three could be mixed together like otherwise inert compounds and turned into absolute dynamite?

God isn't fixing this cover

President Obama is usually difficult to out-do on using a crisis to get an agenda item into the news, but the New York Daily News has decided to one-up him. Instead of just pushing gun control by using the not-yet-buried victims of radical Islamic violence, they’ve managed to mix three far-left ideas into a single headline.

The headline “God Isn’t Fixing This” says so much about the editorial staff at the Daily News and their ideologies.

First, the headline posits that God isn’t real or isn’t powerful. Praying to him at a time like this is a useless waste of time and anyone who thinks that talking to him will help is one of many “cowards” simply offering “platitudes.”

Second, they pit religion against their fight to end gun ownership. Because these “cowards” are praying, they are wasting time that should be spent to “end the gun scourge” by enacting gun control.

Third, they are playing down the elephant in the room – Radical Islamic terrorism.

Syed Farook was a devout Muslim. He recently returned from a one-month trip to the Middle-East during which he married his new wife Tashfeen Malik and started growing a beard. Nothing worth noting there…

New Yorkers are being fed a steady diet of progressive ideology. According to the New York Daily News, the second amendment and God are serious issues that must be addressed, but lets not discuss what likely led to the deaths of 14 people.

Social media is alive with responses to the ill-thought front-page:





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