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Why Won’t Obama Allow Military Volunteers To Fight Our Enemies?

Following the attacks on the World Trade Center many young men and women voluntarily joined a branch of the military in order to fight our nation’s enemies.  Under the Bush administration they were allowed to actually do some fighting and kill some bad guys, but Obama stands firmly on the position of not putting troops in harm’s way (or as our Barry so trendily phrases it: he’ll put no “boots on the ground”), and under Obama even those few who have been allowed to bear arms for America have had such strict rules of engagement imposed on them that they are practically made sitting ducks at the mercy of opposing forces. Again, Obama has made another in a string of stupid, typically liberal decisions: the military is populated by volunteers who “volunteered” to fight for their nation’s survival and their own personal liberties, and Obama prevents them from doing the very thing they signed up to do.

What we need, under the pacifist administration of Obama, is a volunteer/volunteer force (those who volunteered for military service and then volunteered for actual combat within that service).  Maybe those who sign up for this new V/V force (we might call this the “55” battalion) would be deemed by Obama to have expressed themselves loudly enough in their desire to fight for America that they would actually to be allowed to do so. But Obama would probably still say no, although his Secretary of Defense has recently said something to the effect that they would be more of a mind to allow forces to enter a fight as long as it wasn’t “combat”, or some such typical idiotic nonsensical gibberish from this confused, idiot administration.

To have a willing military made up of all-volunteer people and then to prohibit them from fighting a known, armed enemy that has repeatedly sworn to destroy our nation, is beyond comprehension.  If Obama’s term in office was not near an end I would suggest we legislatively form the new V/V military organization, made up of current military personnel who would specifically volunteer for combat duty, and place it under the command of someone other than the president, so we could begin some serious aggressive action against foreign enemies.

It’s the most frustrating thing a citizen can experience, to sit and watch a president and his liberal colleagues intentionally destroy their nation’s economy and let our national security and our borders go undefended, which is exactly what Obama is doing, and realize we can do nothing to assist in our nation’s defense.  It makes one appreciative of those decent Germans in the 1930s and 1940s who opposed Hitler and his brown shirts and were killed for their opposition, and it generates some understanding of how so many other good people in Germany remained silent as Hitler killed and tortured his way across Europe: they had no way of opposing the national German army and the dictator Hitler.

With Obama’s recent deal giving the Mullahs in Iran the money and ability to develop a nuclear weapon and the vehicle to deliver it, all in an effort to build his “legacy”, it makes one wonder how Obama has missed the parallel between the Peace in our Time statement of Neville Chamberlain in 1938, and Obama’s foolish and dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015.  Obama’s idiot “legacy” will dog his memory forever, just as Chamberlain is ridiculed by all who understand the evil he unleashed in Europe that led directly to World War II.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. You can’t really say Obama is against putting boots on the ground. He’s bringing in almost a million Mexicans and Islamo terrorist every year and spreading them out amongst the US, The 5th column.

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