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What Americans Need Is A “Safe Space” From Spoiled College Punks Who Are Themselves A Microaggression On Society

When the most coddled and protected elites of a nation begin protesting that they are being mistreated and need a “safe space” to escape the harshness of daily living and the offensive things one sees, hears and smells during the day, we know we’re in trouble.

In the recent university protests we’ve seen college-level juveniles lie about college presidents they didn’t like and about professors they disagreed with, deny first amendment rights to fellow students, threaten violence when they didn’t get their way, scream at professors who tried to reason with them, lie about events that did not happen, and make demands that are stupid at best and unachievable at any rate.

I’d like to see the college president at Missouri who was forced to resign from his job, which it probably took him years of dedicated work to achieve, sue his detractors for lying about him, and sue the university for not defending one of their own administrators against fascist tactics. But he probably got a princely buy-out from the university if he, as a good liberal, would just walk away, keep his mouth shut and not make any waves that would offend the good students of his school.

Perhaps a re-introduction of the time-tested swat paddle would be good for these protected brats.  They should be ashamed of themselves for disrupting an education that is beyond the reach of many others who can’t afford the high price of college today, and especially ashamed should be the son of a millionaire who pretended to go on a hunger strike because he lost his healthcare to the Obamacare farce.  Liberalism and Obama took his healthcare, but he’s too uninformed to know it.

These poor, sensitive dears, want the police to investigate the slightest word uttered that they don’t like, yet they loudly make charges of racism against Asian and black students and professors who have opinions that differ from themselves, and many of the hated professors likely had to work to pay for their own educations, not get it free as these young loons are demanding.

Our precious students have even coined a word to describe the things they hear daily that offend their sensitive ears: microaggression.  And exactly how these students will be protected from these microaggressions once they are out of school and enter the competitive world is still to be determined.  They will likely be unable to compete with the more hardy workers who did not have the umbrella of college to shield them from the rigors of life.  If college students are offended by simple Halloween costumes, they’ll never succeed outside the college campus.

What is really lacking in the lives of the protesting students is a sense of humor and proportion, and they think too much of their own selfish selves.  Not long ago Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock announced that they will no longer be giving concerts at college campuses because the students either don’t get the humor these comedians poke at everyone, or they really are too sensitive and unyielding to listen to it.  Colleges are training people who will be perpetually offended by everything they see and hear.  But healthy young people brought up in a varied society like America can’t really be offended by the life around them or they would never have made it past 15 years of age.  I fear this a false face they are putting on in a pretense of being compassionate and racially sensitive, because they buy into their own lies of calling others racists and haters. These young people believe they are better than anyone else and they want to show it, or maybe they just need to reinforce their own sense of goodness to themselves.

At this point the colleges being impacted by these protests and demonstrations should be denied funds to operate for one more day. Close these liberal protest factories and send the students home if these places of higher learning are so offensive. After all, if the liberals who run these colleges and universities are doing such a bad job that liberal students are offended by the “systematic oppression” they feel, they deserve to be closed.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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