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The World Has Been “Fundamentally Transformed” By Terrorists, Leaving Obama And His Legacy Behind

Our slow-thinking, leftist-leaning president has done all he can to accomplish his arrogant intention of “fundamentally transforming America”, but in his single-minded dislike of America he doesn’t realize that terrorists have left him behind by fundamentally transforming the world. He is either unwilling or unable to realize and admit that, after pulling troops out of Iraq and releasing terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo, both of which doubtful accomplishments he considers his legacy, along with the nuke deal with Iran, that America is at war with the terrorists and we must engage and kill this enemy or see more murderous attacks on ourselves and our allies as happened last week in Paris. French President Francois Hollande realizes this stark reality, and now the French air force is using intelligence obtained from American sources to bomb targets in Syria where terrorists are operating.  If Obama thought he was hurting the terrorists with the few American bombing sorties he has reluctantly allowed to be performed each day for the last year, one wonders why American aircraft all along have not been using the intelligence we are now giving France and really make an effort to destroy our enemy from all directions, not just “contain” them?

The world, and the American liberal media, now seem to have turned on Obama, with his insensitive, regrettable remark about the Paris attacks being a mere “setback” to his limited and ineffective containment strikes on terrorist camps in Syria.  Obama is a leftist ideologue who is rigid in his thinking and is unable to change his opinions even when his plans are proven to be illogical and unworkable.  And his unfeeling, insensitive downgrading of the massive killings in Paris was an offense to the French nation.

Obama continues to insist that America will take thousands of Syrian “refugees”, most of whom are young men who have left their women, children and old people behind in Syria to deal with the terrorists while they enjoy life in America. It’s as though Obama was never introduced to the most basic lessons that most of us learned in childhood, such as the tale of the Trojan horse. But when one considers that Obama was brought up on Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Revolution” and was from childhood inculcated with a hate for a free and capitalistic America, one can understand why Obama will jump at any attempt to strike a blow at America, and a new wave of “refugees” is a perfect attack vehicle for America’s enemies. There is no way to properly vet people trying to enter America when the nation they are coming from no longer effectively exists and has been taken over by our enemies.  Even James Comey, Obama’s Director of the FBI, agrees that vetting cannot be done on these so-called “refugees”.

We can all rejoice that France has finally found their backbone and are taking the war to the terrorists, and then we can only hope that Obama will learn a lesson and do his duty to defend and protect America and its constitution.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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