Do Soldiers Have A Right-To-Fight To Defend Their Nation?

With Obama’s insistence that he will only symbolically oppose the international terrorist threat facing our nation by allowing a few bombing sorties into the Syrian desert, and his insistence that he will commit no ground forces to the effort of destroying ISIS, he is not only denying American volunteer military forces their right-to-fight to eliminate those who would destroy our nation, but he is also defending the terrorists from the destruction they deserve at the hands of our military forces. It’s frustrating when our volunteer Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine personnel are ordered by Obama to sit by and watch as our nation is attacked, with no response given to the attackers. And to add insult to injury, they’re forced to sit idly by and watch Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, issue a verbal message of justification and understanding as to why the terrorists are killing innocent civilians. And it must be equally maddening for our trained volunteer warriors to be dispatched to foreign countries to guard Ebola camps while watching Paris and New York being attacked and thousands of people threatened with death by the filthy, rag-tag rabble of ISIS. Our military forces all volunteered to fight those who threaten America, and Obama refuses to allow them to do the very thing they most want to do.

Can anyone imagine FDR not allowing combat troops to fight the Japanese following their attack on Pearl Harbor?  Roosevelt promptly ordered the military build-up and response that eventually won that war and defeated Imperial Japan. And can anyone imagine not declaring war and not responding militarily to the Nazis following their invasions of European nations and the sinking of our civilian ships on the open seas?

One spends much time wondering why Obama is so insistent on not fighting when he has willing and able forces at the ready who can fight and easily win against the forces of ISIS. And why is he so insistent on allowing thousands of illegals to cross our southern border, along with the invasion of thousands of Syrian “refugees” who cannot be vetted to assure they are peaceful and not a part of the ISIS network intent on attacking America. Most of these so-called “refugees” are young men who have deserted their wives, children and parents to suffer ISIS attacks back home while they enjoy life in America, or attack America, whichever is the case, neither of which fact can be confirmed by our government.

I believe the sad truth is that Obama is not so much opposed to fighting an enemy, rather he is protecting the terrorists from real American military opposition in order to give ISIS more time to grow, expand, arm themselves and launch more murderous attacks, like the one recently in Paris.  One also believes that he would not be unhappy if one of the terrorist attacks delivered a death blow to the America that Obama believes has mistreated the world and has become wealthy and powerful beyond what is proper in a world of poverty and want.

Given the draft-dodging, anti-war, 1960s, Weather Underground radicals that Obama is so fond of, has allied himself with, and with whom he so readily identifies and associates, it’s easy to see why he doesn’t want to fight an enemy that is intent on destroying America, and it also sheds some light on the insanely dangerous agreement Obama made with Iran that enables them to get a nuclear device quickly, with which they have stated that they will bring “death to America”.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. This country would have been a safer place if Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, could have been removed of office seven years ago. He cannot even define the enemy much less beat them. Gen. George S. Patton Jr. once said “No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair”, and that describes Obama to a “T”.

  2. I actually don’t ‘wonder’ anymore. He is a coward and very insecure as a person. He needs constant approval from the ‘assigned’ supervisors. He was raised (indoctrinated) in this ‘ideology’ In his need to ‘belong’, his struggle for identity, his youthful lessons in the Muslim faith made him the ‘perfect’ recruit. (Not unlike the current recruitment of our own youth) His total immersion in this role and ‘need to please’ those he sees as superiors is what makes him ‘their’ most valuable weapon against our Christian Nation.

    Pray for Our Nation and keep your powder dry

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