Liberal Justice – A Rush to Judgment and Kangaroo Courts?

The American justice system is supposed to be fair and impartial. That is why Lady Justice is depicted blindfolded. When liberals have their way, that’s not always what happens. In politically correct cases the left, with media support, has a tendency to rush to judgment and/or attempt to manipulate conditions to ensure the verdict they want. That their attempts haven’t had much of a success rate so far doesn’t change the fact that this is a dangerous trend, one that needs to be recognized and addressed.

Currently the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore is a prime example of this deplorable tendency. Freddie Gray, a low level street drug dealer, was arrested by Baltimore police and while in police custody suffered fatal injuries. If these injuries were indeed the result of excessive force during his arrest or were incurred by a “rough ride” on his way to detention then certainly the police involved are at fault. In what seems to be a rush to judgment however, Baltimore City State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, rather quickly announced that her office had charged six police officers involved in his death. The most serious charges were second-degree murder and manslaughter. She announced these charges to a cheering crowd saying, “I heard your call for ‘no justice, no peace.’ Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man…”

The problem is that Mosby, as an officer of the court, is supposed to deliver justice, period. There has been no trial yet. In spite of that the city of Baltimore awarded Freddie Gray’s family an incredible $6.4 million dollar settlement, indicating that they believe the police were at fault in his death. What will a criminal jury think of that? And, just the other day, a judge ruled that the six officers could not have a change in venue to insure a more fair trial. Think back to the O.J. Simpson trail. Does anyone believe O.J. wouldn’t have been convicted with a different jury? That is not how the justice system is supposed to work.

In a couple of other recent cases this trend of unequal justice administered by the politically correct left confirms this trend. Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, refused to follow federal law and issue marriage certificates to gay couples. She was wrong; she should have obeyed federal law or resigned. Or she should have been legally removed from office. Instead she was thrown in jail without bail. If justice is supposed to be impartial officials in sanctuary cities like San Francisco should be treated in the same way, but of course they’re not.

The left and their media supporters are fine with this. Remember the Zimmerman/Martin case? The media rushed to judgement of George Zimmerman, NBC went so far as to edit the tape of his 911 call to make Zimmerman look racist. When he was discovered to be Hispanic rather than white the media called him a “white-Hispanic.” They don’t call the President a “white-African-American.” Florida even brought in a special prosecutor, Angela Corey, to get a conviction. No less an authority than Alan Dershowitz said Corey should be disbarred for her conduct. Sure, Zimmerman was ultimately found not guilty, but his life has been changed forever. Likewise officer Darren Wilson’s life was forever changed when he defended himself against the “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown.

Let’s not forget the Duke Lacrosse rape case where three young men had their lives upturned when they were tried for the alleged rape of a black stripper. The prosecutor of that case, Mike Nifong, was eventually disbarred for his conduct, but that he was willing to do what he did should be a warning sign for everyone.

These and numerous other cases are examples of the danger we face as a nation if our already flawed justice system continues to treat crimes differently depending on their PC status.

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  1. You certainly make some good points…..I wonder if the media’s 24/7 looping of these ‘crimes’ doesn’t play a large part in this ‘judgment”? We are over saturated with admitted “unconfirmed” information and the more salacious the headline, the better. Perhaps it would be more ‘fair and balanced’ IF we were allowed to decide based on actual old fashioned facts.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I don’t know about others, but I appreciate feedback, even negative feedback to help improve my efforts. I agree with you that saturation 24/7 news cycle helps the rush to judgment problem we see. I didn’t have room in the post to mention how disappointing it was to see so many Congressmen rushing to judgment in the Zimmerman and Ferguson cases. You come to expect it from the Sharpton’s and liberal groups, but these were men and women who are our elected leaders and should be held to a higher standard.

      1. I know what you mean about feedback. Actually negative can be quite helpful and allow a different perspective that will either validate our opinion or have info that will help us develop it further.
        You’re also right about the rush to the trouble spots….the media light shines brighter at them and I suppose that some of our elected employees want to be seen doing ‘something’ rather than their job. Instead of us all complaining about a lazy do nothing Congress we ALL need to get involved in replacing the ‘nothings’ and find someone that wants to be serving, not self serving.

        Keep up the writing!

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