Il Papa Disrespects And Insults The United States

I just learned that Pope Francis will ignore the English-speaking majority of the population of the United States when he visits here on September 23rd. He will be giving a speech, in Spanish, when he visits Washington D.C., and I’m willing to bet he won’t give a speech in English to the citizens of Mexico City when he next visits Mexico.  The Pope is pandering to the illegal invaders of America’s borders and he insults all American citizens by performing this highly symbolic act.

If the Pope is so fond of illegal aliens, he can demonstrate his sincerity by packing his jet with poor, hungry Mexicans and take them back to the Vatican when he returns home, and then allow them to become citizens of Vatican City.  Although I’m not a Catholic, I love the Pope, the office he occupies and idea of having a Pope, but this act by Pope Francis suggests he is a panderer and a hypocrite with this slap in the face of every American.  How dare he involve himself in our domestic politics when he absolutely will not go after Castro or Kim Jong-il for the misery and evil those dictators have perpetrated on their citizens.  But the Pope finds it acceptable to insult peaceful, democratic America and thereby reap the praise of America’s fancy liberal class, rather than to risk imprisonment in Cuba or North Korea for attacking those horrid places.

And the Pope is also meddling in our domestic politics by agreeing with our lying president about the lie of global warming, and that the western democracies have to cut back on their comfort level in order to save the world.  Considering the millions of dollars that Americans give to the church and the Pope each year, and considering that these millions of dollars are what keep the Vatican fat and happy year-round and that capitalism is what allows Americans to have an excess of money to donate to the church, the Pope had better hope that our capitalism isn’t upset by the falsehood of warming or his church donations may dry up, and he would be hardest hit.  It’s kind of a situation of killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Capitalism keeps the world functioning, and only where a nation’s ruler will not allow its citizens to have the freedom to participate in capitalism are people found to be in serious want and privation.

I can only hope and trust that former Mexican and Central American citizens who have become legal citizens of the United States will resent the Pope’s slap as much as I do.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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