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All Of Europe Suffers Because Of Obama’s Red Line Denial Of Leadership

Americans are correctly blaming Obama for the horror that occurs daily on our southern border with thousands of illegals crossing and going no-one-knows-where once they get here, and in a month or so, due to a recent court order, the administration must release thousands more illegals held for some time in detention centers, and it’s anyone’s guess where these unfortunate souls will go or be sent, nor is it known which of America’s unfortunate neighborhoods they’ll be dumped on, but it will be someone’s, and the result will not be pretty.

But as bad as Obama has made things in America, our allies in Europe are experiencing the same if not worse circumstances, and much of the European trouble originated with Obama’s direct non-decision making.  Remember the red line he established for Syria, and how the trigger of chemical weapons use by Assad on his own people would result in punishment to Assad?  Well, the red line was crossed and Obama wimped out again and did nothing.  Then ISIS saw the lack of spine Obama has and began a serious campaign of murder and torture across the Middle East which has produced the suffering and pain we see happening almost daily in Europe.

The tie-in between a missed red line in Syria and trouble in Europe is that Syrians, Iraqis and other residents of the Middle East are trying to save their families from misery and possible death at the hands of ISIS, and are now passing through Greece into Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and the Czech Republic on their way to France, Italy and other west European countries, and are causing massive problems for our allies in those spots as the hoard of people show up at their borders.  Part of the reason Europe is being sought as a destination is that Jordan has accepted so many thousands of refugees that it can take no more, so the over-flow is Europe.

If our feckless president had done the right thing with Syria’s Assad, and if he had really tried to kill ISIS soldiers instead of merely calling them names and lightly bombing their installations with passive rules of engagement that saw many flights over their positions return to base with all bombs unlaunched, this current tragic situation could have been avoided.  But our Barry likes his golf and doesn’t like difficult decisions, so we, along with Europe, have a human disaster on our hands as our nation faces its own inundation from the south, along with increasing pressure from within as the “hands up don’t shoot” and the “black lives matter” crowds are causing our police officers, due to a lack of proper backing from Obama and the Justice Department, to step back from danger out of fear of possible criminal prosecution for doing their very difficult and dangerous job, which has resulted in sky-rocketing murder rates in our major cities. We need a strong leader immediately but all we have is Obama for another year and a half.  We can only pray that our nation can hold out that long.

While the above are examples of relatively “soft” invasions of a nation’s borders, Obama’s weakness has also caused a “hard” invasion as witnessed by Russia militarily threatening Ukraine, which is also shares a border with our European allies.  Obama was solicitous of President Putin’s good will by telling Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that Obama could be more flexible in his dealing with Russia after winning his last election.  How is Obama’s selling out America to the Russian terrorist working out so far? And how are Hillary’s and Obama’s “reset” button making Europe safer?   Nothing is better under Obama’s leadership.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. As I recall, the greatest share of Europe was in favor of Obama being president back in 2008. The sad part is that they like the people here didn’t bother to listen to what he said. Now that they got their wish, it has bite them in the butt just like it did here. The people of Europe should know that socialism doesn’t work, they keep trying it, and it keeps failing. Then add a weak kneed coward in the position of world power and you have the blueprint for disaster, but not to worry, he’ll be on the golf course this weekend as usual.

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