Hillary’s Coronation continues: Where are the Democratic primary debates?

hillary-blackSoooooo .. here we are, deep into the political season for the 2016 elections. Republicans have a full and published debate schedule with the first one this Thursday night, but oddly… no one in the media is able to locate a single, confirmed Democratic primary debate.

For the GOP, all the coverage of Trump and Jeb … the tightly clustered middle of the GOP pack – it’s exciting political theater. And On the democrat side… fricken’ crickets.


While the schedule of Republican primary debates is filling in, the confirmed Dem debate schedule looks like this:

Democratic primary debate schedule


Row after row of TBD participants and TBD dates and TBD sponsors and TBD .. everything. Wow! When democrat national committee Debbie Wasserman Shultz said that democrats would have a lively and competitive race … she  .. didn’t mean it.

Why hasn’t the DNC scheduled an exciting event with Hillary, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee?

Simple answer? The chosen one isn’t doing well.

Hillary’s poll numbers get worse with every gaffe, every conceited wave of the hand and each terrible appearance. She is unable to connect with Americans and the DNC is panicking (the top purple line is all Hillary.)



Hillary Clinton poll numbers declining

While Vice President Biden hasn’t announced a run, the press talking about how his recently deceased son wanted him to run has raised the thought that he might.

Sanders has announced and is steadily gaining ground on the unexciting, utterly terrible candidate that is Hillary Clinton. From 5%  to 18.2% in just 3 months. All while her majesty steadily declines.

The real question is why is the DNC so afraid to have their few, white, rich and powerful candidates debate each other? Perhaps Shultz is concerned that their pre-ordained queen is another Democrat emperor (or empress) wearing no clothes.

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  1. Wow, “TBD” must be a huge Democrat supporter. Just look at all the debates they’ve sponsored!

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