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When Even The Military Can’t Defend Themselves, Gun Control Has Gone Too Far

The recent terrorist attack on military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the accompanying murder of four Marines, proves the idiocy of liberal non-thought in general, and Obama’s terrible policies in particular.  Liberals are so hung-up on guns and getting them banned that they can’t think straight, and they are thereby leaving military people unarmed and defenseless when they are attacked by a terrorist.

The murderous attack at Fort Hood five years ago was the same situation: unarmed military personnel were unable to defend themselves against a terrorist attack.  How stupid is Obama, and how uncaring is he and the rest of our ruling class in D.C., leaving the military exposed and vulnerable, and not permitting them to arm themselves so as to ward off attacks.  Obama is personally surrounded by armed personnel twenty-four hours a day, but military people aren’t permitted such consideration.  This is typical liberal-think.

Obama refuses to seriously fight terrorism in Iraq or Syria, while at the same time not allowing the military to fight for their own defense at home, where, due to his obstinacy and ignorance, our brave military personnel are now under open and repeat attack.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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