How Bush and Obama use social media shows much about them

Barack Obama has far more likes of his Facebook account than does former President George W. Bush, but digging deeper shows that Bush’s fans get a little more for their like.

First, we see a difference in how each figure uses Facebook to honor the July 4th holiday.

Obama – It’s All About Us

Happy Fourth.

Posted by Barack Obama on Saturday, July 4, 2015

Barack Obama likes

G.W. Bush – It’s all About ThemGeorge W. Bush with veterans on July 4th

Great day for a mountain bike ride with some fine men who have served and are serving our country. America is the land…

Posted by George W. Bush on Saturday, July 4, 2015


George W. Bush Likes

What’s more interesting is the huge difference in ratios of account likes to post likes and account likes to shares for each post.

President Obama has 43.8 million likes of his Facebook page, but only garnered 577,632 likes and 15,828 shares. That’s a 1.3% like rate (a little more than one of every hundred of his followers bothered to like his post). and .003 % share rate (about 3 of every hundred thousand Obama followers shared his July 4th post.) They don’t seem too proud of him these days.

G.W. Bush has only 4.4 million account likes, but got 240,700 post likes and 13,859 shares.  That gives the former president a 5.5% like rate (between 5 and 6 out of every 100 Bush account likers also liked this post.) His share rate came in at  .3%. That means that 3 per thousand shared his post. That’s a huge difference in the number of people who follow that are actually not ashamed to re-post/share his content.

Then again, the posts say it all. One President is all about him, the other never was nor will be.

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