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Fahrenheit 451 And The Demise Of America

Considering the story line of the Ray Bradbury book “Fahrenheit 451” can give some insight into what’s happening in this great nation under the current anti-American administration, as well as provide some parallels with our current lives.


The book describes a society whose firemen set fires instead of extinguishing them, and a society which crushes free, independent thinking on the part of its citizens.  Here are some parallels:


Consider our current Department of Education: are children learning more now than when the Department was formed?  No!  Students are learning less and are being indoctrinated more to socialist/communist thinking.


Does the Department of Energy allow fuel to be produced at a lower cost and in a more plentiful quantity than before this group was formed?  No!  We have much more expensive fuel and the quantity we are allowed to produce domestically has been greatly reduced, negatively impacting national security and our balance of trade with unfriendly nations.


And let’s not forget the EPA which is issuing regulations in direct contradiction to the expressed wishes of Congress when the enabling legislation was passed in 1970, and is issuing these regulations at a pace that is killing our nation’s ability to create and maintain jobs and make products we need to live and provide comfortable lives for our families.
So why do we permit these departments to survive and undermine our prosperity and our freedom?  Why hasn’t congress refused funds to these anti-American groups?  Each department mentioned should have their enabling legislation repealed and be disbanded immediately, saving trillions of dollars each and every year and getting rid of liberal staffers and trouble makers at the same time.


Given the unbelievable deluge of executive orders and injurious regulations coming from the Obama Administration it’s easy to imagine the formation of a Department of Religion in which Muslims can have the Crucifix removed from Catholic classrooms because it offends them, and where Catholic hospitals can be forced to perform abortions because liberals want them.  After all, we already have Obamacare which was shoved down our throats with a promise to reduce medical costs and provide better medical assistance, but has in fact been shown to greatly increase medical costs and will reduce medical care for the entire nation.


For the last 70-plus years liberals in government have been intruding into our lives at an ever-increasing rate, but under Obama the pedal has been pushed to the metal and the intrusions have increased in quantity and with greater speed than ever imaginable in the past, propelling us to a totalitarian state, and our Barry still has over a year left to push us nearer the brink.  Can we survive?  Only if we:


Abolish the Department of Energy

Abolish the Department of Education

Abolish the EPA



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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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