Chris Christie Thinks Republicans Need To Compromise With Democrats. Let’s Look At The Truth Of The Matter.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today announced that he is a candidate for president on the Republican ticket, and one of his first comments about how to win the election and then govern the nation was to encourage Republicans to compromise with Democrats and liberals.  Evidently Mr. Christie has not been paying attention to recent current events and has missed the following examples of what trying to work with liberals gets us:

Did the Dems compromise with Republicans when they shoved Obamacare down our throats?

Did Obama’s NLRB compromise with Boeing on moving their manufacturing plant from Seattle to Charleston?

Did liberals compromise with caterers who didn’t want to participate in homosexual weddings?

Have Democrats stopped using the lie of the Republican war on women?

Do liberals allow warming deniers to present facts contrary to the lie they’ve been telling since the 1970s?

Has Obama compromised with his military advisors on his very restrictive rules of engagement for fighting in Afghanistan?

Did Obama compromise with the Little Sisters of the Poor in their objection to a government requirement to provide abortions?

Did the members of the Supreme Court cast aside their liberalism and politics and vote on whether Obamacare was constitutional or not?

Has New York Mayor DeBlasio compromised with the New York police department and stopped identifying them as criminals and racists for doing their jobs?

Did liberals compromise when the FCC took control of the internet?

Liberals never compromise, they just push to the win, and then start planning the next aspect of American liberty and prosperity they will take over and destroy.  Conservatives must sincerely try to win on their values and principles and stop sheepishly asking Democrats for permission to make necessary changes, and then crumble and run and hide when they are called racists, sexists and homophobes.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I certainly agree that Christy’s bombastic long shoreman personality is not suited for the White House…..and that the Democrats are guilty of all you listed…..That being said, I would also ask that we remember that ‘the’ President is to serve ALL Americans without regard to party affiliation, even liberal Democrats….That’s where the rub comes in, most of us have some definite ideas what we believe is best…”You can please some of the people all the time but cannot please all of the people all of the time…..Compromise DOES NOT mean wavering your principals….’negotiating (compromise) is a give and take that serves all….and that is what a President must do daily (quite a burden for one person)

    I do hope that voters will not be too quick to lock in on any candidate this early. Many of ‘this array of candidates’ have alot to offer beyond calling out Obama and some probably shouldn’t even waste the effort. Still, I keep in mind something that as a child (long long ago) that I was taught. An oak tree is strong while standing, but a strong storm will break its limbs, whereas a willow will bend and sway and weather the storm…remaining in tact.

    We have no mistakes left….let’s work hope that all the ‘denominations’ of conservatives will unite and come together under the GOP umbrella that we claim as ‘our party’.

    Dave, Keep up the good work, we need more paying attention like you do

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