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“White Privilege”? The Only Privilege I See is “Liberal Privilege”

The liberal press has made much ado recently by coining the phrase “white privilege” to account for there being more white people firmly in the middle class than black or brown people (of course liberals ignore the fact that Asians, as represented by their share of the population, greatly out-represent whites in the arena of earnings).  But what is most evident is the massive privilege given to anyone of the liberal stripe, and here are a few examples:


Liberal Political/Economic Privilege

Just out of college Chelsea Clinton gets a six-figure income from NBC and now has a 10 million dollar Manhattan penthouse. Did she work and earn this lavish living?  I thought Hillary was going to put a halt to this unfair high living for those in a position of influence with powerful people.


Liberal Environmental Privilege

Al Gore, John Kerry, the Clintons and their liberal pals in the United Nations and elsewhere get to own multiple homes and fly around on private jets while being considered saviors of humanity, while everyone else is told to live in cramped quarters and take the bus or walk.


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Liberal Governmental Privilege

Hillary can disobey the law and destroy government emails from her illegal server and no one in government shows any concern, and the press just moves on to Rubio’s parking tickets.

Bill Clinton can abuse women and lie about it under oath while he’s occupying the Oval Office and it’s a ho-hum event.

Hillary’s lack of attention to security in Benghazi as Secretary of State got four American employees of hers killed, but never mind.


Liberal Trans-Race Privilege

The white Rachel Dolezal uses her abilities to pretend to be black and take charge of an NAACP branch, thereby denying real blacks a chance to get recognition and advance themselves.  But being a liberal protects Dolezal from any criticism and scorn from the press.  Shouldn’t a white pretending to be black in order to dominate blacks be considered racist?  I’m just asking.


Liberal Black Privilege

Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson and Walter E. Williams, among many other black conservatives, are scorned for their opinions and called sell-outs, but Sharpton and Jackson are above reproach.

In Chicago and Baltimore blacks kill blacks every day and white liberals just yawn.  I guess they think these lives don’t matter.


Liberal Legislative Privilege

Liberal welfare legislation has destroyed many lives, both black and white, by creating endless dependence on government hand-outs, and discourages those on welfare from getting a job and being independent of government, and even when Democrat liberals are honest enough to admit that this human destruction has occurred under their guidance they will not propose getting rid of the laws that further their power hold on votes.

Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and New York City, among other cities with high crime and high murder rates and disgracefully high welfare roles are all Democrat enclaves in which Republican and conservative ideas are ignored, but Democrats are never blamed for the outrageous conditions they have created.

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