When A Community Organizer Tries To Address Difficult International Issues Bad Things Can Happen, And We See Evidence Of Them Daily

It’s obvious to all who honestly observe current domestic policy and Obama’s executive actions, that liberals (Democrats in other words, and Obama in particular) have caused great harm to our nation, and particularly to America’s poorest citizens with its vote-getting handouts of goodies and welfare payments.  The third-world neighborhoods created by Democrats in the slums of the most prosperous nation in the world (America) is solely the responsibility of leftists in the Democrat party, and Obama, the experienced community organizer who is currently destroying America, has added greatly to the abuse of poor people through the imposition of Obamacare, Obamaphones and the frightening increase of welfare and unemployment.

But when our petulant, know-it-all president addresses international problems we see not just abuse and poverty, but also death, rape and slavery as the result of his liberal decisions.  Because Obama removed all U.S. troops from Iraq and laughed at the ISIS uprising when it began, we now see the rape and enslavement of women, the murder of homosexuals, the arming of children who are forced to go into combat for ISIS and the wholesale elimination of Christians in Iraq, Syria and other middle east countries where ISIS is winning one battle after another, while Obama claims ISIS is on the decline and will soon be defeated.  But in spite of this disastrous series of events that threaten millions of people abroad and the entire population of America, which ISIS has promised to reduce to rubble, Obama thinks that the lie of climate change is the most serious challenge facing the nation today, and he spends more time making speeches about it than he does about defending this nation and working to help our allies defeat terrorism.

What streets in Miami and Manhattan are underwater due to climate change?  Which beaches in California and Hawaii are inundated by waves that weren’t there 50 years ago?  Certainly not the Hawaiian beach housing the Obama’s recently obtained mansion.  And when Obama is not lying about climate change and trying to control the lives of Americans and their use of gasoline and electricity with punitive EPA regulations and a new carbon tax, he’s blaming the police forces in one city after another for violent outbreaks and rioting, and threatens to nationalize the nation’s local police forces, while denying them weapons they need to defend themselves, and their cities’ citizens, against criminals.  Obama is making the world more vulnerable, both internationally and domestically, by his idiot executive rulings and non-policies, most of which are unconstitutional.  When will this man’s stupidity end and allow America to rebuild in his absence again to the great nation it was prior to his arrival?


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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