What Don’t Liberals Understand About Prosperity And Taxation? Plenty!

The kerfuffle several months ago about Burger King moving its headquarters to Canada in order to avoid the astronomical taxation rate in the U.S. illuminated the mental attitude of liberals.  Instead of understanding that businesses voluntarily established themselves in, or relocated to, the United States during the 20th century when taxes were low and prosperity was the norm, thereby correctly deciding that lower taxes lead to a more prosperous country and a higher standard of living for its citizens, liberals would rather heap shame on Burger King and similar companies and call them unpatriotic for moving their headquarters to a foreign country with a lower tax rate. The charge of non-patriotism goes to the heart of what big-government liberals don’t understand about a corporation and its fiduciary duty to its employees, customers and stakeholders: to make as much profit as possible via the sale of the company’s products or services.


Directly related to a corporation’s fiduciary responsibility to conduct business responsibly is the government’s Constitutional responsibility to assure its citizens’ liberty and security. Thus, it’s as obvious as the next gaff on Joe Biden’s lips, that Obama and his liberal cohort in Congress and the EPA don’t understand their own duty to protect American citizens (examples: Obama was surprised by the military might of  ISIS and  admitted that he had, and apparently still has, no strategy or plan to eliminate them after a year of daily security briefings in which their threat was clearly described to him; consider also the threat to America’s economy and its physical and fiscal health presented by Obama’s open border along the southern United States; denying Americans the right to select their own healthcare and forcing Obamacare on us) and to assure an ecomony that allows our citizens to work, save and prosper.


America is being ruled by fools who are horribly wrong for the intentional destruction they are doing to the greatest nation on earth. Maybe it’s a divine gift that Obama is now forced to deal with ISIS by using the military force he despises, and should have exerted months ago as a real commander in chief would have, and in so doing he is now, hopefully, limited in the next series of steps he intended to take in his “fundamental transformation of America” and making the United States just another socialist basket case.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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