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surprise… CA Senate OK’s Taxpayer Funded Insurance for Illegals

The afternoon has been alive with reports about the California state Senate approving taxpayer funded insurance for illegal immigrants, but some fine points have been missed.

First, the meat:

The state Senate on Tuesday approved a hotly debated measure that would allow many immigrants in the state illegally to sign up for special healthcare programs that would offer the same benefits as Medi-Cal.

Then, the justification by Democrats:

State Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) said his proposal provides “what we can realistically achieve now” for the estimated 2 million people in the state illegally.



“We are talking about our friends. We are talking about our neighbors and our families who are denied basic healthcare in the richest state of this union,” Lara told his colleagues.

Then the worm-like faltering of the Republicans:

However, Sen. Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) said he supported the bill, saying “the taxpayers are already paying high healthcare costs for undocumented when they show up in our emergency rooms.”

This argument fails just as much as it did when Democrats used it to push Obamacare.

Yes, the uninsured use the ER as a personal physician. Yes, it costs more when they do. BUT, healthcare costs apparently don’t go down when you give the uninsured insurance.

Why? Two major reasons: overloading of the medical system and the deteriorating ratio of payers to non-payers.

Because the medical system is overloaded as-is. Adding millions more to it will create higher demand for the same supply – that creates inflation (more dollars chasing fewer goods/services.)

Liberals have never understood the supply-side of the equation. In retail, manufacturing or services – and healthcare is a service.

Secondly, adding 2 million people to the insurance rolls who mostly can’t pay into it while not increasing the number of people paying into it means … someone else has to pay. Congratulations California tax payers – your bill is about to go up.

Looking for proof that simply giving insurance to folks does not decrease premium costs? How about today’s headline:

Health insurers seek big premium hikes for ObamaCare plans in 2016

In that article and a few others we learn that many insurers are asking for an increase in premiums of between 18% and 43%. If the insured pay $600/month now, get ready for $858/month if the increase goes through – who can afford such a hike? And that’s after Obamacare was fully implemented.

Of course the government regulators will push back and the increases will be cut a bit, but at what cost? Some of these insurance companies reported losses of up to $400  million last year. Without premium increases to help cover the new free insurance for illegals, they will likely take larger losses.

Then again, wasn’t this always the plan?

The argument that taxpayers were already eating the cost of the uninsured via the ER is dead, buried and worm-eaten. It’s a fallacy at best and more likely an intended misdirection.

It didn’t work with Obamacare and it won’t work in California. History .. repeats.

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