Obama Re-Writes The Allegory Of The Cave

In Plato’s story The Allegory of the Cave he poses some questions about reality: Is there a reality at all; how can it be determined; are the things we see just an illusion; how can we determine the real from the false?

Barack Obama, in his self-proclaimed “fundamental transformation of America” has with full intent caused those people who are just stumbling through life to doubt the reality, goodness and prosperity of America. Those who are dependent on government sustenance and prefer the limited and constrained life-style that comes with it believe that government should be the controller of our money and our lives, not “We The People” determining our own destinies.

Obama has cast doubt on over 200 years of American leadership while moving our nation to a new normal that is not going to be pretty for America. This transformation will likely be catastrophic for the world if it’s allowed to continue.

Obama, who represents falsehoods and social engineering, is the essence of evil in the world today.

At some point, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell should stop kissing his butt and show some opposition to the sheer destruction that Obama represents.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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