Is Congress About To Vote The United States Back To “The Jungle”?

In 1906 Upton Sinclair wrote “The Jungle”, a book which described the terrible labor conditions that workers experienced in the United States at the time.  Currently Congress is considering bills that could return us to similarly unpleasant times in that they are considering legislation that will allow Obama (the same “fundamentally transform the United States” individual who will do anything to destroy the prosperity and liberty we have so long enjoyed) to make fast-track changes to U.S. law that will create at-present unknown regulations (regulations which are to be decided dictatorially by Obama) that the United States legislature will be unable to undo.  And since Obama has proven himself to be a totally evil force as regards America’s position in the world and to conditions within our borders (for example his unconstitutional immigration orders that have swamped our borders with illegals and have certainly caused at least suffering, if not worse, for the young children crossing Mexico alone to get to our borders), he is not to be trusted with any such power.

The bills being considered are the TPA (which will give Obama fast-track authority and will thereafter by-pass congress); TPP (which was negotiated in secret between mega-corporations and the various governments involved); TTiP (which involves trade between the U.S. and Europe, and never mind that simply changing both sides’ tariff laws would accomplish the same thing) and TiSA (which would involve the mobility of labor between nations and would mean that congress could no longer even pretend to make labor or immigration laws for our nation).

If you believe that Obama never makes decisions in America’s favor then he must be stopped from being given even more power to severely injure our nation and the middle class, and to make even worse our disastrous unemployment rate.  Obama’s executive orders have already (illegally) given persons illegally in our nation tax and employment advantages and is promising many of them citizenship in time for the next election when they will vote for Democrats who will promise them even more goodies at tax payer expense.

If you stop to consider that not only was the TPP developed in secrecy by the Obama administration, but the public was kept completely in the dark as to what was in the bill, and even members of congress were only permitted to see it in secrecy, in a locked room, were forbidden to take any notes from the viewing and were further sworn to not divulge what was in the bill they had secretly read.  If this is an example of transparency and openness in government in a legislative democracy, then I don’t know what a rule by fiat would be called.

We must tell our legislators: Stop Obama’s fast-track!


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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