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Most Transparent Administration Ever Removes Transparency Regulations on .. Itself

obama_evilThe Obama Administration is deleting a regulation that subjects the White House Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act.

Obama no longer wishes that the White House Office of Administration be subjected to public or media  scrutiny. By shielding that office from FOIA requests, the President is closing the door that many media agencies (including this one) rely on to expose their activities to the light of day.

According the White House website, the Office of Administration performs these activities:

The question every American should be asking (while they are still allowed to) is WHY?

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Where do all of the czars fit into all of this? Does anyone, but anyone know who they all are and how much taxpayer money they are paid? …or for that matter, exactly how many there are.

    Transparency is in no shape or form a word applicable to this Administration !

    “Bo knows”… should we!!!

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  3. The object of this is to continue to stir the muddy waters and obliterate any information of leaving the Obama administration and seeing the light of day. This president makes Slick Willie look open a above board. This is politics in it’s worst and most secretive form.

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