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Reuters gets suckered into protecting democrats over Netanyahu appearance

800px-Benjamin_Netanyahu_with_ObamasPresident Obama doesn’t like Israeli Prime Minister Netanhayu. He never has and never will. Now, the House of Representatives has invited the leader of Isreal to speak before a vote on an Iran bill and Reuters has decided to defend.. the Democrats.

Former House Leader Nancy Pelosi has spent the past week making excuses for why Democrats may not have time to attend Netanyahu’s speech. Then again, her caucus has spent most of their careers voting for things without information. This may be another bill where waiting until it passes to see what’s in it doesn’t work out for the rest of America.

Reuters, in a thinly-veiled attempt to protect democrats from their fiercely-loyal Jewish contingency, now reports that “A senior Isreali official” (unnamed and otherwise non-existent) said that Netanyahu was mislead by the House of Representatives as to how much support Congress actually had for his appearance.

The travesty may be that the unnamed source is correct. Democrats do NOT want to hear anything Israel has to say. After all, President Obama’s cabinet has ceded to more than 80% of Iran’s demands without Iran giving much of anything.

The trouble is that Obama disagrees with Netanyahu’s appearance and message. Obama needs Israel silenced so he can claim success in the nuclear talks with Iran. Talks which are yielding results eerily similar to the appeasement of Hitler. Why wouldn’t the Jewish state be alarmed?

Democrats are clearly concerned. Jewish voters contribute huge amounts of money to their election funds, but they can’t walk away from the anointed, free-from-dispersion President.

Enter Reuters.

Reuters published an article on February 6th using an unnamed source to purport that Netanyahu had been tricked into speaking.

Reading that article, one can easily detect the protectionist tone. Reuters has been instructed or has otherwise decided to change the story around Israel’s input to the Iran sanctions.

President Obama does not seek justice, fairness or defense of American interests. Now, he has a British news agency pushing his narrative.


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