Obama: Europe Just Isn’t Being Nice Enough to Muslims.. or something

AFP is reporting that President Obama’s plan to reduce Islamic terrorism in Europe is for Europe to be nicer to the Islamic population as a whole.

Shake your head, bang your forehead on the keyboard, beat your head against a wall or just yell at the sky – your President is following in the footsteps of the appeasers of generations past.

Supposedly educated and intelligent, the American President is suggesting that Europe would have fewer Islamic attacks if they would just be nicer to them:

The US leader said the 2013 Boston marathon bombing showed that the United States was not entirely safe from Islamic militant cells, but suggested that it had had more success than others in integrating minorities.

Naive as usual, the American President ignores obvious facts. The EU is MUCH closer to Islamic nations than the U.S. and has even friendlier immigration laws. Perhaps being friendly has done the opposite of what Mr. Obama suggests.

Being nicer to enemies is something Europeans remember with disdain. Appeasing Hitler was a gigantic historical mistake that cost millions their lives. The fact that Obama is suggesting the same strategy with an even more dangerous enemy is frightening.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. “Plan”? I have doubts that he fully understands what a plan is other than a word intended to make us think he’s actually engaged in affairs of the state…..I’ve already ganged my now bald head to a bloody pulp trying to find some rhyme or reason in his actions….sans any iota of success unless you call his destruction of a nation one. His ‘make nice’ policy insures his legacy will be one of incompetence, failure, bloated unemployment, over taxed welfare programs and the first NON-American ever elected to the Presidency. When I have more time, I’ll tell you what I really think….lol

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