Election Time Fun and Games,Ebola and ISIS!!


Isis fighters parade through Raqqa

The headlines read “Dems Bench Obama” and “Party Turns Against Pelosi.” While these are all fun to watch, Republicans should be wary and not fall into the trap of a false sense of security as this is an election year and the democrats are in a for tight race to preserve their seats and gain a few. This is all to pave the way for Hillary in 2016. The release of Panetta’s book criticizing Obama while he is still in office is also tied to paving the way for Hillary. It wouldn’t surprise me if she and Panetta planned this as payback to Obama for screwing her out of the presidency in 2008.

Recently a group known as Campus Reform went to Harvard to ask students which is a bigger threat to world peace America or ISIS? They all naturally blamed America. They are obviously being brainwashed by the Marxist professors in colleges today that hate America. Sure we have our mistakes and aren’t perfect, but neither is any other country. We have liberated more countries from dictatorships and tyranny than any nation. We give aid to countries that hate us in the millions and never receive any thanks in return.

We won that war in Iraq when we liberated those people from Saddam’s wrath. (And for those that say we didn’t find any WMD’s I consider 500 tons of Sarin gas a WMD which we shipped out to be buried here somewhere). People could vote including women. Remember the purpled fingers? Women could hold jobs and teach in the schools. Veils were optional. They had free elections. We built schools and office buildings for them and brought them out of the dark ages to the 20th century. They had a new constitution. But you won’t hear about that in any college course or media today.

Then along came Obama,a community organizer with no experience, declaring to end the war and pulled the troops out thinking everything would be honky dory if we only pulled out of there. In 2007 Bush warned of the evil consequences of pulling out too soon saying all we accomplished would be lost. Obama didn’t listen  to his generals  and advisors or consult with Bush and all we accomplished was indeed lost as ISIS took over city after city destroying everything we did and putting people back under Sharia law once again declaring death to Isreal and the U.S. The goal of Islam is world domination and hatred for America and jihad is preached in these mosques here. The Oklahoma beheader Alton Nolen is a prime example from what he learned in the mosque he attended. So I ask you who is really a bigger threat to world peace?  America is according to these so called educated morons.

Russ Revell,a YouTube user who commented on the post, said the students in the video are well-spoken but may not fully have a complete understanding of the world.

“They all have very good vocabularies, unfortunately their understanding of the world has been corrupted by progressive ideas and professors with their own socialist agenda.”

I also agree with this comment:

Faye Conquest Schlatter · Port Clinton High School

American has always been the most generous country in the world and maybe these students don’t realize that??? They better get a grip!! We gave them our soldiers’ lives, our money, our food, health and aid, support of all kinds and yet many hate us but we still keep on giving; now teachers are teaching our kids to hate us and that is all our fault???? what  is wrong with this picture!!! We are not the biggest threat,  it is the ignorant people of the world with narrow minds!

As David Kupelian ,Vice President of World Net Daily said in a letter to his readers:

Today, we endure daily news of the outrageously lawless and perverse Obama presidency – the weak and timid response to a fast-metastasizing Islamic caliphate in the Middle East, bent on Christian genocide and all manner of brutality; a wide-open southern border, allowing terrorists and criminals to freely enter our national home; a nonsensical Ebola policy that allows the fearsome disease multiple avenues of entry into America; as well as the usual variety of manufactured crises, economic chaos, cascading scandals, “high crimes” and rising calls for impeachment. But in truth, the entire Obama presidency is one huge scandal, leading our great nation into utter financial, political, cultural and spiritual catastrophe.
Now we have this national ebola health scare.  Is this another manufactured crisis by Obama to distract once again from his failure with ISIS? As I’ve mentioned In previous blogs every time one crisis gets out of hand created by him a new one always arises. We had Fast and Furious, the NSA scandal then the IRS scandal then Benghazi, then The VA scandal, then the threat of ISIS and now Ebola. Obama is so desperate for his legacy and it’s nowhere to be found except for Obamacare and hopefully that will be repealed by the republicans so senior citizens 75 and over can once again be eligible for medical benefits rather than just be put on a pain pill.

In my last blog I wrote about the signs for the end of times and one was disease and pestilence throughout the world. Now we see signs of ebola in Spain, Australia and Paris as well as here. Young kids in this country are dying from this entrovirus, nine so far. You can’t tell me this isn’t from that influx of kids who came across our border and then were distributed throughout the country without being tested. This virus didn’t break out until then and now the feds are covering up saying it is just a mutated virus of one that already existed. Sorry I don’t believe that!!!!


Click here: Harvard Students Say America A Bigger Threat Than ISIS, ‘We Are To Blame For A Lot’ [Video

WHO admits sneezing could transmit Ebola

Experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed…

CDC: Airborne possible…

FEDS SCRAMBLE TO CALM PUBLIC ON EBOLA…Plane cleaners strike at LaGuardia…

Nurse showing symptoms isolated in Australia…

PANIC: Building in Paris locked down, 60 quarantined…

EU politicians using crisis to demand sharp curbs in immigration…(what we should do here)

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Jim Clayton

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  1. How much more before someone says this pathetic excuse of a President needs to be removed–by force if necessary? He is making Carter look like a superhero.

    Treason would be the word that needs to be used. Fraudulently and deliberately propagating a health care agenda that turned out to be a complete lie. Proven by his own video.

    Deliberately and knowingly propagating the illegal activity of allowing foreign invaders through our southern border. Not only allowing it but encouraging it and setting up avenues of easy access for the illegals to live in our land–and funding them. GOP you can walk to the same gallows on that one as well.

    Disregarding the threat of Islam. Neglecting the defense of our country. Well done handling ISIS Barry. You are showing the world how weak you really are.

    Deliberately and knowingly creating racial tensions, using your Attorney General to disregard law for political correctness as he did with the dismissal of the case against the Black Panthers. Misuse of your IRS to target conservatives. And your NSA. Absolute defiance of the U.S. Constitution.

    And now disregarding the threat of ebola, using it as a political ploy and deliberately placing our country in danger. Deliberately putting someone in charge who is not qualified nor interested in solving a grave epidemic which may come to the U.S. in mass numbers. Disregard for safety of your people in lieu of political agenda.

    You shouldn’t face impeachment Barry–you should be in front of a firing squad.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    1. Thanks for your most excellent response Charles. I couldn’t have said it better myself. This man is bent on destroying out beloved country and has said so in various ways such as his “Hope and Change” and “transforming America” rhetoic and his apology tour where he blames America for all the problems of the world. He even said in his book he would support the muslims and that’s just what he is doing. This man is evil and I agree with Donald Trump,a psychopath who is in over his head and does’t know what he is doing. He hates America,hates white people and hates the military. He recently said the fate of the African people is more important than the people of the United States. Now he wants to bring ebola patients here from these third world countries to be treated here when we don’t have a cure yet. Wait until those 4000 troops come back from there after being exposed to ebola..Then what??? He’s a fake,fraud and phoney and people still voted for him. I agree with you he should be before a firing squad or at least in an orange jump suit behind bars.

      1. Glad I’m not alone on this. I pray it doesn’t in the end resort to revolution. The participants usually lose everything for cause.

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  2. Is anyone thinking what I’m thinking?

    That the odds are that reports of further Ebola outbreaks and terrorist activity are being suppressed this close to the midterms to keep the issue off the front page?

    This won’t be the first time a compliant media kept bad news under wraps, but it would be the biggest.

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