A Community Organizer, muslim sympathizer in Charge of World Affairs and Air Strikes

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Yes as the title implies I am referring to our dear leader president. This is a man who has no experience in management or being an executive and who said  in the begining  he  “would side with the muslims” and that is just what he is doing yet he was elected twice and now is trying to half heartedly fight a war with muslims like ISIS and other radical muslims like the latest Khorasan groups.

He likes to blame Bush for all his problems, but there are many ironies between Bush and him right now. 1) He eviscerated Bush for going into Iraq now he’s going into Iraq and Syria. 2) Obama has bombed seven countries, Bush four. 3) He once said it was a fantasy to arm the Syrian rebels and called ISIS the JV team. Now that’s his major cornerstone strategy and calls them and Khorasan a threat. 5) He called Bush “unpatriotic” for adding four trillion dollars to the debt and he went ahead and added seven trillion and counting 6) Obama now refers to ISIS as the Network of Death just like Bush had his Axis of Evil.

Obama is just “checking the box” sort of speak because the people want it that way and elections are coming up and is not really interested in defeating ISIS. Compare his actions when James Foley was beheaded to that of David Cameron of England. Obama was on vacation on the golf course naturally when he heard Foley was beheaded. He came off the golf course, gave a three minute speech and went back on the golf course. Cameron cut his vacation short and came back to get his cabinet together to decide what to do to help us and their own security.

Dick Cheney recently said on Sean Hanity’s show,”Obama does not listen to his advisors and military intelligence and lacks experience and respect for his senior military commanders because his world view is not consistent with reality which is why he constantly gets things wrong.”

Obama has put together a coalition of five sunni  arab countries consisting of Bahrain, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Republic( UAR) and Jordan. Not the best fighting coalition. The raids are currently aimed at a dozen oil refineries in Syria. So far 47 tomahawk missiles have been fired at the Khorasan group mostly by us. Britain and France have not helped out because they have prisoners in the hands of ISIS.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters who I greatly admire, said recently, “All these airstrikes are at night when there is no one there. We are just hitting empty buildings. If you want to kill terrorists you do it in the daytime when they are gathered together full of their leaders and flunkies. We should have gone in the morning and hit heavy. They are evil, have the land mass and have the money and it will be a long fight. Meanwhile ISIS is continuing to grow and gain recruits.”  ISIS is currently 30,000 strong now.

The F.B.I. is worried that these strikes will increase lone wolf strikes here. We already had threats to bomb the NYC subways and in France too and a recently converted Islamic nutcase named Alton Nolan went on a rampage in a meat packing plant in Oklahoma and killed and beheaded a co-worker and stabbed another before being shot himself by the manager.

The Oklahoma Gazette reports that Nolen has a long history with the local police department. He has been arrested at least 10 times by Idabel police between 2004 and 2009, on “allegations ranging from assault, burglary, obstructing an officer, resisting arrest, drug possession, and larceny,” among other unlisted charges.

Nolan’s classmates state that he converted to Islam while in prison in 2011. Records indicate he was incarcerated for, among other things, assaulting a police officer.  Police have not yet commented on Nolen’s motivation in the stabbing and beheading, but the incident occurred directly after he was fired, apparently over an argument about Islam. Two facts which will certainly muddy the water as speculation continues in the media and online.

In an update, A day after the UK parliament voted to allow British warplanes to attack IS in Iraq, two British fighter jets flew a mission over the country, the Ministry of Defence said, adding they had gathered intelligence but did not carry out air strikes. Now air strikes are being pursued in the daytime and again it is mostly our planes doing all the work not so much the other countries.

Now Obama says “we underestimated the rise of ISIS.” Bush warned in 2007 this would happen if we pulled out too soon. Obama’s military intelligence  warned him this would happen and he pulled out anyway. He called ISIS a JV team and now he has the unmitigated gall to say they underestimated  the rise of ISIS? Just a few weeks  ago he admitted  they knew about ISIS last year and he also admitted  a few weeks ago he had no strategy. As Dick Cheney said and which I quoted above  in my blog ”Obama does not listen to his advisors and military intelligence and lacks experience and respect for his senior military commanders because his world view is not consistent with reality which is why he constantly gets things wrong.”

Also a majority of voters grossly overestimated Obama. Notice that it’s always “U.S. intelligence underestimated,” not “I underestimated.” This guy can never be wrong. He didn’t have a strategy for ISIS because “the Pentagon hasn’t given me one.” Nothing is ever his fault. Someone else is always to blame. Notice also the stupidity about how a “political settlement” is the real solution. If we could just get to the negotiating table everything would be fine. Then we could bring these ISIS criminals before international courts and give them the stiff community-service sentences they deserve.

  Once again he is proving that he is nothing but a “community organizer” and tries to explain away the chaos of his Islamic friends in the middle east.  This President REFUSES to accept the worldwide danger of Islamic fundamentalism just as he has refused to accept the dangers of communism.  People like the President are simply academic BS artists who know little or nothing about reality.

President Barack Obama “dropped the ball” on the Islamic State (ISIS) and now he’s “trying to blame everyone but himself,” New York Republican Rep. Peter King charged Monday, saying the intelligence community and lawmakers have known for months how dangerous the extremists are.

“A real leader, a true leader, does not blame other people,” King told told NBC’s Luke Russert on Monday’s “The Daily Rundown,” of Obama’s statements Sunday that the ISIS threat had been underestimated.

“We’ve known for over a year how dangerous ISIS was,” King, a member of the House Intelligence and Homeland Security committees said. “In fact, (Lt. Gen. Michael) Flynn from the Defense (Intelligence) Agency testified we should expect an offensive by ISIS.”

In his remarks, Flynn said ISIS would “probably will attempt to take territory in Iraq and Syria to exhibit its strength in 2014.” The terrorist organization would likely be helped “by itsability to concurrently maintain multiple safe havens in Syria.”

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