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Stopping Illegal Immigration

Recently I have been listening to many different ideas on what we should do about illegal immigrants. People such as Bill O’reilly, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Charles Krauthammer, just to name a few, have put forth their ideas. It’s funny how only Conservatives seem to be coming up with ideas, after all, we all know the Liberal plan, AMNISTY FOR ALL ILLEGALS.

Can we stop illegal immigration? The answer is yes we can. But there is not one politician in this country who has the stomach to do it. There are plenty of ways to handle it, but because of political correctness, no one dares. Well, I’m going to tell you my plan to stop illegal immigration and I don’t have to worry about political correctness. Here’s the Chris Vaca plan.

  1. First we stop all immigration for two years. Doesn’t matter who you are or what country you are from. For two years no one gets in.
  2. Make sure both borders are secure. If you have to use the army, national guard, a new fence whatever. We will never get anywhere unless our borders are secure.
  3. Cut off all freebies. If you can’t prove you are a citizen of this country, you get nothing. The only exception is if it is a life and death situation.
  4. If an employer knowingly hires an illegal he gets a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR fine plus ONE YEAR IN JAIL for each illegal in his employ, no exceptions.
  5. If a landlord knowingly rents an apartment to an illegal the same thing. TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR fine plus ONE YEAR IN JAIL for each illegal they rent to. No exceptions.
  6. Do a two year sweep through the country, rounding up every illegal they can find, and deport them. If you are not here legally, you are gone. No exceptions. Each state has its own National Guard unit, there is no reason why they cannot be used.

If we do not start getting tough on illegal immigration, it will never end. People keep flooding our boarders because they know they will be allowed to stay and we look like fools because of it. I don’t know one person who is against immigration, as long as they come here legally, people that come here illegally and get to stay, is just a slap in the face to all the immigrants that put in the time and effort to come here the right way, my grandparents included.

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Immigration Plan

This is one man’s opinion.



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  1. We have so many illegal immigrants in the US. A secure border/fence is needed. Since building and completing something of this magnitude will take enormous money as well as man-power. I would suggest using the illegals in this country who want to gain permanent residence in the US to help “build” this wall. If they take part in this project it would assure them legal residence. My parents and my husband immigrated from Germany, they all went through a long process, which even required testing and payment. Why are these people not being held to the same standards? If they want to stay, I believe they should prove that they are hard working and earn citizenship.

  2. Chris as long as we have a president who is for Illegal Immigration nothing will ever change. We elected a retro-virus as a president. He steals your DNA to replicate [ programs that emulate his views and executive orders to further his catastrophic ways] then he kills your strength. He dilutes you work force with parasites to kill jobs and the economy. There is no cure for liberalism with this politically correct peoples party period.

  3. You’ve echoed (validated) the exact points I’ve written & spoken about for years. This conclusion came as I realized…Our Creator gifted us with this land, He further sent those willing to risk all to settle where their religious beliefs could be followed freely, and then the wise one (founders) that could mold an inclusive government that would establish order & rules (Constitution)that would insure that order was maintained…..and borders established that set us apart from any other country….then even move brave souls that would give their lives to defend His gift…. BUT, ya know what? He didn’t provide a little feller to invent a sieve that holds water….and that is exactly what our borders are.

    We are an immensely compassionate people and ache for these wee children that so callously being used as shields & distraction. There is no easy or quick solution. And, it does seem that the “cure” is worse than the disease…..Which comes first? Our own or someone else’s?……GW Bush said “If you aren’t for us, you’re against us”

    1953 Ike’s “Operation Wetback” deported 6 million in 4 months with a sweep across just the Southern border….tell Holder what Obama said “Sue me!”

    Pray for our Nation and keep your powder dry.

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