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Obama Executive Order: Girlfriends, associates and just about anyone else to be buried in National Cemeteries

Arlington National CemeteryToday, President Obama signed an executive order allowing those not legally married to deceased veterans to be buried with them in national cemeteries.

Bowing to the progressive constituency, the President’s desire is to let unmarried gay couples to be buried together. As usual, the unintended consequences could make that choice look foolish.

By law, veteran’s benefits are conferred to those legally married to a service member or born from such a legal partnership.

But, as AOL.com puts it, the President seeks to circumvent that problem:

“Aiming to circumvent that issue, the Veterans Affairs Department will start letting gay people who tell the government they are married to a veteran to be buried alongside them in a national cemetery, drawing on the VA’s authority to waive the usual marriage requirement.”

Can high-school flings, that girl at the bar, some guy at the dance club or an ex-wife now be eligible to haunt that brave soldier, marine or airman in the afterlife? Under Obama’s policy – absolutely.

That’s right – simply tell the VA that you’re “married” to a service member and you get benefits. What could go wrong?

Just like the the obviously terrible strategy of enticing hundreds of thousands of diseased Central American children to rush across the American border, this decision shows a complete lack of forethought.

The better way to handle this is allow gay couples who are engaged in a civil union to be buried together. Opening veterans’ benefits to anyone who “claims” to be married is dangerous and insulting to those spouses who actually supported their service members prior to their sacrifice.

This is obviously a gay rights ploy. Unfortunately, it affects more than same-sex couples.

The President didn’t think through the repercussions of his choice before pushing more “transformational change” on America – once again.

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One Comment

  1. To unabashedly desecrate Hallowed Ground is further that I’d thought he would go…hard to express the anger & disgust I feel….even looked for a word in Roget’s Thesaurus for help.

    How do you stop a Drunk on Power Machiavelian despot?

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