Ben Carson? I Don’t Think So

The Republican Party will surely lose every presidential election, if the people who lean right in this country do not smarten up. It seems to me that there are many people, who refuse to vote for a candidate, because that candidate does not believe 100% in what they believe. A perfect example is the last election, Romney lost only because people stayed home because they didn’t think he was Conservative enough, those are the people I blame for Obama’s re-election. I truly believe that Romney would have been a great president, he was a successful Governor and a successful businessman, it also appears that he was right on many foreign issues as well.

Now I see many people are shouting BEN CARSON FOR PRESIDENT, to those people I say this, we got stuck with Obama because he gave a good speech, even though he had no qualifications and no experience, so look at the shape the country is in.

I agree with most of what Dr. Ben Carson says, he is an honest and truthful man and he thinks with common sense, but as far as being our Commander and Chief, I don’t think so. With all the people we have on the right to choose from, choosing someone like Dr. Carson I think is a big mistake. As we found out from Obama, it takes more to being president than just giving a good speech.

If Dr. Carson wants to enter the political theater, let him first start at the local level, my father once told me, “The only job where you start at the top, is digging a ditch.” Thinking that we should thrust this man into the most powerful job in the world is nuts, I know we are all waiting for another Reagan, but Dr. Carson is not him, we seem to be showing our desperation. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Dr. Carson, and if I needed brain surgery, I would without a doubt want him to operate on me, but I have little confidence in him as President of The United States.

There are many good people in the political arena that are more qualified than Dr. Carson, some will say they are not Conservative enough, others will say they are too Conservative. When it comes to electing a president, America needs to start thinking with its head, instead of its heart. I want to see a Republican Party that can stand up and slug it out, not run and hide because someone called them a racist or bigot, or homophobe, or sexist.

No matter if you consider yourself a Republican, Conservative, or Independent we have to unify and back whoever the nominee is. Staying home will only give us another Liberal-Progressive in the White House and I do not think this country can survive another one; we need to choose someone who knows what they are doing, not because they give a good speech. Dr. Carson has said, “I have not felt called to run,” however, he adds, God could change that; I hope God stays out of this one.

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AllThis is one man’s opinion.

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  1. All was fine (agree or disagree to whatever level one does) until the end: “I hope God stays out of this one.” If you want a Christian’s vote, note that, by definition, a Christian is one that, after accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is “indwelled” with God’s Holy Spirit. This is not something he or she can take off and put on. It is who they are. If you don’t want to bring who they are to the voting booth, then you don’t want them to cast a vote. God bless.

    1. With all due respect Paul, I threw that in at the end as a pun. I am a Christian myself.

  2. Chris, I understand your misgivings, but you need to remember that any GOP presidential candidate, in addition to being qualified, needs to be electable. Whatever else Dr. Carson might lack, I believe he is electable, partly because he would have great appeal to many independents, and probably minorities.

    I haven’t made up my mind about Carson. I am concerned if he really has the “fire in the belly” necessary to run a winning campaign, mostly because, as you stated, he said he doesn’t feel called to run. However, that’s not a guarantee that he would not be an excellent candidate, if he decides to run.

    We need to keep our options open, vet all the candidates intensively, not only for their beliefs and qualifications, but for their electability. And, once we make our choice, as you said, we must unite behind that candidate. You are exactly right about why Romney lost.

    1. Thanks for the comment Andrew, but I just do not see Dr. Carson as good presidential timber, I think he can do more for the cause by traveling around the country giving his speeches. But we have to wait and see what the people will decide.

  3. I happen to be in agreement with Chris, but Paul, you have a valid point as well. Let us consider that God blessed us with this great Nation when He gave us our Founders that step by step, year after year built it on a Christian foundation rewarding us with the most exceptional Country in the World…WE failed our Stewardship and now must, again, EARN this bounty step by step….Voting is how we determine what the ‘majority’ thinks is best. Sometimes it just isn’t “our guy”. Maybe next time it will be. We don’t live in the walk-in box at Burger King so “our way’ isn’t always possible. And, even mustard rather than mayo, we can have a nourishing burger that will ‘keep us going’ and help ward off the socialistic bug of the progressives…giving us strength and time. Sitting on the sideline because there’s no onion or pickle you can starve to death. If the majority of conservatives believe in a candidate, does that mean they are all wrong and you are right. Or is finding the foot in the door of restoring our Grand Nation more important.

    Laura Berth Jones wrote a book “Jesus, CEO”, this is a quote from her…”If your donkey stops & refuses to move…do not kick the donkey…get off and look for the angel in the road.”

  4. Hmmm. Dr. Ben Carson is an honest and truthful man and he thinks with common sense. Plus, he is well educated, brilliant, has real world experience, promotes open discussion, and is an excellent role model for leadership in the manner prescribed in our Constitution. Às far as being our Commander and Chief, I can’t name someone with better qualifications to lead our country.

  5. The ability of a person to succeed as the head of any country, cooperation, business, etc. does not lay solely on the shoulders of the person with the title. If the person is a wise person, he/she shares the burden with the people he/she surrounds himself/herself with who are as wise and/or knowledgeable as himself/herself. Therefore, I feel the door closure to Dr. Carson is not a valid one.

  6. “Pickin’ POTUS Ain’t Easy” and this discussion is a good start and I hope that as candidate ‘declare’ we will do something similar.
    This is how I ‘look’ at it…I list what ‘specific’ traits I want….there will be some ‘re-treads’ & then which of them honored the majority’s choice & worked to get him elected? Since I don’t plan on crawling between the sheets with any of them, it’s not necessary to really really ‘like’ them (though nice) I know that a president that leans too much left or right will (not) unite our Nation…there in lies the tough question….”Am I making a choice that reflects what “I” want or….who is best for the entire Country”

    All of the comment thus far, have merit. I will look forward to hearing (specific)points and reasoning for them as ‘the race develops.

  7. In a way I would agree with you Chris. But what are we looking for dynamics and a fiery word to ignite our passions, Obama gave us dynamics, but he is also dark and demonic. He deceives those he serves for his own cause.

    So some republicans stay away from the poles because their candidate was not conservative enough. Do these idiots even know anything period. Its like a soldier saying in the middle of a fire fight that he would not defend his position because he was mad at his fellow soldiers. If I die you die because I choose to do nothing. In combat he would suffer the retribution of his deed from those he served with. But in life we are to suffer the consequences of morons that feed fools.

    Politics as usual will not remedy our current status, Obama rolls free without any opposition in a mad trek defiant to our constitution or any rule of law for that matter. He does not give two shits about how any of us feel, yet we want to discuss this from a point of logic. He and his minions laugh at us. Are you all blind to this?

    We don’t need a third party, we need a platform that gives a voice to middle America that cannot be suppressed by the media or challenged by the politics of either side. We still have a vote to change our position. This is still a republic and the courts cannot change shit but the people can. When the people finally decide that they have fucking had enough of this bullshit and use the tools our founding fathers gave us to make a change, then our America will return and things will change. Courage is never planned for, it is born of the moment as is the leader when faced with the duress of his/her decisions. I’m old but my sword is by my side. We all know the problem. Can we deliver the solution or become another victim of history because we did nothing in the face of adversity! God Bless America!

    1. Jerry, your comments always inspire. God bless you and yes, God bless America.

  8. two things: no executive experience, he agreed that the nba team owner should be punished for what he said. didn’t come out and say he needed to lose the team but,”something needs to be done” or something close

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