#OpenZilla: A Call for Openness, Respect, and Tolerance Toward Faith-Driven Employees

1396972020RALEIGH, N.C., April 8, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — Faith Driven Consumer™  — the group behind the recent IStandWithPhil.com movement which played a leading role in Phil Robertson’s return to Duck Dynasty and the ongoing Year of The Bible Movie campaign, which is tracking the commercial viability of major Hollywood films courting faith audiences this year, continues to advocate for tolerance and respect for the views held by 46 million Faith Driven Consumers who spend $1.75 trillion annually. Following the firestorm at Mozilla over its recently dismissed CEO, Faith Driven Consumer has launched its #OpenZilla campaign in an effort to encourage a company famous for open source solutions and inclusiveness to extend openness, tolerance, and respect to those who hold a biblically-based view of marriage.

“While the firestorm surrounding Mozilla’s recent actions has focused largely on the company’s former CEO, we remain deeply concerned about faith-driven employees at the company as well as those who may apply to work there. In the short-term, we are concerned about the rights of employees to continue to hold to their personal biblical views on marriage without being discriminated against or bullied. In the long-term, we are troubled by  LGBT advocates who are calling for a ‘glass ceiling’ for faith-driven employees, suggesting that companies may hire such people but should not allow these employees to assume leadership roles if they hold a biblical view of marriage,” said Chris Stone, a Certified Brand Strategist and Founder of Faith Driven Consumer.

“In order to directly raise these concerns, Faith Driven Consumer contacted Mozilla yesterday to ask for clarification regarding corporate diversity policy. We also launched the #OpenZilla campaign to spark a broader dialogue about the need for tolerance, true inclusiveness, and respect for diversity in the workplace. We are asking Mozilla to address our questions, and have asked the Faith Driven Consumer community to engage with the company as well.

“Last week’s troubling events raise serious questions about the commitment by many members of the LGBT community to practice what they preach. As LGBT activists ask us to tolerate and respect their viewpoints on one hand, many are advocating — on the other hand — for intolerance, discrimination, and bullying toward people of faith, people who an essential part of America’s rich rainbow of diversity.”

Faith Driven Consumer’s #OpenZilla campaign asks three specific questions of the company:

  1. Will faith-driven employees be discriminated against and forced into the closet for their personal views on marriage?
  2. Is there a “pro-gay marriage” litmus test for working at Mozilla?
  3. Will the next CEO be required to openly express support for gay marriage as a condition for being hired?


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One Comment

  1. This entire matter should have never come to light to begin with. It is the height of anti reason—that marriage should be anything but between a man and a woman. It’s not even just a Christian perspective. It’s the natural order of the universe and common sense.
    Be we aren’t a nation of common sense any longer are we? We are a nation that not only allows illegals into our country but then gives them benefits. So please, Mr. Progressive, quit telling me that two men being married and two women being married as well as raising adopted children is normal like regular marriage. It isn’t. It’s abnormal and deviant. I’m not condemning them. But we shouldn’t have ever brought up the question of marriage outside of a man and woman any more than we should allow marriage to more than one spouse.
    Of course that will be the next cause won’t it. Multiple marriages. Transgender marriages. How intellectual you are Mr. Progressive. No standards needed. No moral base at all. And the result of your enlightened thinking. Kids are opening fire in our schools. Due to the years long propagation of the morally relative mindset. Because a few decades ago we didn’t advocate for everything deviant as acceptable. Abnormal as normal. And now look at us.
    So go ahead and celebrate Mr. Progressive. And don’t expect me to feel sorry for you when it all collapses around you. This nation will fall—because of your enlightened thinking. Not because my fiction says so. Because history does. And it shows your enlightened intellect is wrong every time. Because there were nations that followed your premise of moral relativism in the past. And they no longer are.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

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