What’s The Difference Between Bozo And Obama?

I know, I know, most of you are thinking that it is a trick question; you are thinking that there is no difference between Bozo and Obama, because you think that they are both clowns. However, there is a big difference, Bozo knows he is a clown, that’s how he earned a living. On the other hand, Obama thinks he is a President, but he is actually a clown, and that’s dangerous.

I am sure everyone is familiar with the disgraceful shenanigans Obama displayed at the Nelson Mandela Memorial, joking and clowning with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt taking selfies while laughing. It’s not even a Presidential thing to do in public at any time, but at a memorial service it is downright disgusting, even Michelle Obama was pissed and disgusted with her husband’s childish goings-on.

What does this man have to do before the Left will admit that he should never have been elected to the position he now holds? Time and time again he has proven that he is not a leader, he had no qualifications or experience for the job, even after five years in office it is obvious he hasn’t got a clue, now the American people are paying the price. America has become a laughing stock around the world, plus we are no longer respected and worse, we are no longer feared.

Scandal after scandal have surfaced, as they do Obama says, “He will get to the bottom of it” then that is the last we ever hear of it. He feels that if he just pretends these things never happened, they would all disappear, well as long as the lame stream media keeps protecting him, he is right. The media has done this country a great disservice by protecting an incompetent President, because of that, America has paid a big price, by looking like fools around the world. If you think that the world isn’t watching and laughing about the disastrous roll out of Obama-Care and thinking what a bunch of idiots those Americans are, you are sadly mistaken.

Obama also made a fool of himself this year by declaring a red line in Syria over chemical weapons. When his hand was forced, he denied that there was a red line, and then he sort of acknowledged it. In steps Putin, pushes Obama aside, takes control of the situation and makes a deal, again making Obama look like a clown.

What about Iran, the Obama administration is acting as though there is a deal in place; they have unfrozen Iranian assets and have lifted sanctions. Obama says that there is a deal, however the Iranians deny there is a deal and are stamping their feet over the type of language used. While the world sits and scratches their heads wondering what America is doing, Obama again looks like a clown.

While Obama is goofing off, taking selfies and acting like a clown, his entire foreign policy has failed. His Middle East policy is a disaster that has made the region less stable. China, North Korea, Russia, Iran are licking their chops, knowing that under Obama, America has become a weaker nation. That’s what happens when you send a clown to do a man’s job.

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  1. The difference? Well one is a real clown, the other is a real circus act

    One is a clown named Bozo, the other clown is a bozo. Its just that simple!

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