The Big lie and Big Deceit of the Big Obama Healthcare Grab



Obama told the people if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it. Well you can’t. He told us if you like your doctor you can keep them. Well you can’t. He said his plan would save the average family of four $2,500 per year.  Well they can’t and in fact they are facing what is called “sticker shock” because with Obamacare their premiums are going up another three or four thousand.

When you sign up for Obamcare you have to pick from three or four plans and go by the doctors that are in those plans. Similar to the old HMO’s. Everything will be cost effective and what hospitals you go to and who gets what procedure will all be based on cost by a fifteen member panel in each district made up of non medical people.

So far the ACA (Affordable Care Act which is not affordable and not much care) costs almost a trillion of taxpayer dollars and is riddled with errors. It has become a hackers paradise since no security was installed in it and you have to give your name, address, phone number, social security information and medical information and all your info gets forwarded to the IRS and Obamcare’s central government computer. Now comes word that thousands who have signed up for Obamacare did not reach insurers. Every time there is a screw-up in this mess they always come out saying it’s getting better. Already, 5 million Americans have lost their health insurance plans directly because of the president’s law. By next year, as Obamacare starts tearing through employer-based insurance plans, that number will rise to between 50 million and 100 million Americans.

It used to be if you needed help to get over tough spots, you went to your church or other community sources, and in return you helped when someone else needed help, today it’s a life style, 5 generations of getting money for sitting on their Asses. Just look at statistics of young criminals, most come from these homes, the breakdown of family, which is encouraged by this, shows lack of guidance in homes.

This whole idea is one big power grab by Obama as he puts more and more government in charge of our lives. He doesn’t  care  about us, he just cares about power. Now with all the computer and cell phone technology government and local law enforcement can track our every move, phone call and e-mail exchange and conversations online. I remember when the Soviet Union fell I said, ”Watch it fall there and rise here” and that’s just what has happened. Welcome to the new world Comrad!! Obamas world or as one commenter to an article recently said, “At the risk of being ridiculed and scorned for daring to do so, please allow me to go ahead now on December 11, 2013 and translate the January 1, 2014 Washington Post and New York Times headlines for you!

“Good morning, slaves! Welcome to Obamacare. Now get to work!”

REPORT: Thousands of sign-ups didn’t reach insurers… (Obama would be wise to take this walk around Washington)

The president’s other Obamacare lies

There’s just no way around this: President Obama looked America in the eye and lied. The president was so hellbent on “fundamentally transforming” the country with his health care takeover that he intentionally deceived you – he lied – not once or twice, but over and over again.

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