Obama shuts down Amber Alert Missing Children Website- *Update- It’s Back Online!

UPDATE: It is now back online! Could it have anything to do with the backlash from citizens?

Obama once again shows where his priorities are.

If you go to www.amberalert.gov – the Amber Alert website for missing children, this is what you get:


However, Obama’s favorite golf course on Andrews Airforce Base remains open during the government shutdown. The grocery stores on Andrews Airforce Base are closed, so our service men and women now have to shop “at local stores that cost about 30 percent more.”

In addition to the golf course remaining open, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website also remains online and is fully functional.


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  1. So if the congress shut down the government in the first place just because the republicans didn’t get their way why is this being blamed on the president? Wake up people our president isn’t the only one behind our government shutting down !

    1. I agree, and I am so glad to see someone standing up for the president. It is the REPUBLICANS who shut down the government because they didn’t get their way. I also wish people would stop blaming the president for everything.

  2. There’s a “special” place in HELL for Obama with his name on it. I hope he burns there for all eternity.

  3. But isn’t it a Republican-led Congress that voted to withhold funding and shutting down government. Also, the Andrews Air Force Base golf course is funded through user fees and that’s why it remains open. Before anyone of any political persuasion starts throwing out accusations, it is imperative that all sources of information get their facts straight.

    1. NO, a Republican led House charged Constitutionally with the power to check executive power has offered several bills to continue funding. It is a stubborn Chief Executive who refuses to ‘sit down’ and discuss how to keep government running; who is vindictively shutting down things intended to aggravate ‘the little people’. His golf course remains open….

  4. STUPID first of learn english “this” second obama does not have that authority the DOJ shut it down not obama i hate freedom of speech when dumb people post stuff like this the president is a rubber stamp BLAME YOU CONGRESS PERSON

  5. People don’t you see what’s coming FEMA camps soon the governments is gonna want us to reteluate we as people when this happens needs to stick together. There’s more of us then them watch the movie thrive

    1. Yes, it is back online now, but previously, it WAS down. If you typed in amberalert.com, you were redirected to the screenshot taken in the article.

  6. I hate freedom of speech when ASSHOLES like YOU, MJ, act so damn condescending and think anyone who doesn’t think exactly the way you do are morons!! Get off this fucking site if you’re not a conservative!! Douchebag!!!!

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