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Egyptians depose their dictator: When will America depose ours?

anonymousartofrevolution2The Egyptian people have spoken loudly. They were tired of the broken promises and the poor excuses. They were tired of the Muslim Brotherhood’s dictatorial ruling style and discriminatory practices against Christians and other non Muslims. They were tired of their President, Mohamed Morsi.

Millions upon millions of anti-Morsi protestors filled the streets of Cairo and demanded their authoritative dictator step down. When Morsi refused, he was forcibly removed from power by the Egyptian military.

So this brings me to this question. Can what happen in Egypt happen here in America? Should it happen here what would trigger it? Who will lead the revolution?

There is no question that what transpired in Egypt could also happen here in America. The question is will it happen and when? The Egyptian people had some of the very same grievances with their government as Americans have with ours.

The Egyptian people were tired of a government that ran roughshod over their rights. They were tired of a government that spent more money than they took in. They were tired of a government that borrowed money from other nations that future generations of Egyptians will have to figure out how to pay back.

Sound familiar?

The same thing is happening here in America. We have a President that has run roughshod over our Constitution. We have a President that has routinely gone over and around Congress by using an unprecedented amount of executive orders. We have a President that has repeatedly used intimidation tactics and targeted his political enemies. If Barack Obama is not a third world dictator then he should get an Oscar for his portrayal of one.

Like Mohamed Morsi, Barack Obama has presided over a bad economy and has made it much worse. He has spent trillions of dollars that future generations of Americans will somehow have to try to pay back and as a result has devalued our currency. Our faltering economy, high unemployment rates, and high energy costs are the same things the Egyptian people are also suffering from.

The sad truth is these two leaders have more in common than they do apart.

They both were educated in America. They both were former College Professors. They both have close associations with anti-American groups. The both have ties with radical groups and organizations that are hostile towards Israel. They both rose to power out of relative obscurity by promising some form of “hope and change”. They both have blamed their predecessors for their current failures.


A leftist is a leftist is a leftist, it doesn’t matter who they are or where they come from.

A radical leftist leader like our current President is the same as any other radical leftist leader in any other part of the world. They all believe in the same things and they all use the same tactics.

They capture the hearts and minds of the less educated voters in their countries and promise the minority factions special handouts and big government programs. They use lofty speeches and utopian platforms to mesmerize voters into thinking that they; and only they are the key to a brighter future and a better tomorrow. Finally, they use class warfare and identity politics along with the power of the labor unions to sway the persuadable middle voters to support their cause.

Since Barack Obama has been President our nation has never been more divided. Many Americans thought that his election would help race relations and bridge the gap between Whites and Blacks. The truth is the President blew a historic opportunity to culturally heal the nation but he failed. The President failed because he has purposely tried to divide us rather than unite us. He is nothing more than an oppressed minority with a chip on his shoulder who thinks every White person owes him an apology. The President is a radical, Communist sympathizing race baiter who is unfit to even hold the position of dog catcher let alone President.

Barack Obama has created The Divided States of America. Half the country is dependent upon the other half to make money for them so they do not have to work for it themselves. We are a fractured nation made up of makers (tax payers) and takers (dependents). The country will change once the government taxes the death out of the makers to a point where there is nothing left for the takers. When the takers realize that their government benefits and welfare checks have stopped coming there will be a revolution. When this happens you will see a similar situation unfold here in America just like what unfolded in Egypt.

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Josh Bernstein

Josh Bernstein's a well known political writer, strategist, & radio talk show host. Unabashed, Unapologetic, & Unafraid, Josh covers the issues affectg r nation with a vision all his own. Be sure 2 catch him on the all new The Josh Bernstein Show starting in November! Details to follow. Also check out his columns here: www.joshbernsteinpoliticalwriter.com & follow him on Twitter @jbc230mb or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/josh.bernstein.1 or email me comments, questions, or if you think you might be a good guest on my show. jbc230mb@msn.com

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  1. The similarities of Egypt, Turkey & the like to the United States are pretty chilling when you stop to think. Remember, while ‘just a candidate’ Obama disparaged the Rule Book that has guided us from the beginning. He said our beloved Constitution was outdated…not appropriate for today’s ‘world’…YES! Rebellion could, indeed, fill our streets with violent resistance…The ,so far, peaceful marches/protesters in our Capital have indicated our dissatisfaction….and, by the Grace of God, we have a chance to ‘walk the walk’ & not just talk in 2014. The benchwarmers & whiners must get INVOLVED. We need every American to go to the poles AFTER we fully check out new candidates & incumbents!! Then we need to roll up our sleeves & put on walking shoes & hit the streets….We can use this ‘document’ that Obama thinks so little of against him!!!

    Because, Josh, it is ‘when’ not ‘if’. We can get ahead of it if all do their part

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