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The libertarian Chick Speaks – Why Not?

I’ve been taking a break from social media for the last few days. I won’t lie and say that I didn’t expect it to be difficult. I did. I live and breathe social media, especially my political circles. Funny thing, though… it HASN’T been difficult. It took me until this morning to figure out why I haven’t really missed being on Twitter and Facebook that much.

Before I get to my epiphany, I want to explain why I finally (abruptly) decided to take a break from social media. part of the reason is this:

And that is pretty much consecutively. There hasn’t been a 48 hour stretch since the day that I joined Twitter ( as @GaltsGirl) that I have not tweeted… about politics. My tweet count will more than bear out that statement as fact.
Another reason, and one that has weighed on my mind for awhile, was that I was losing a sense of accomplishment. I continue to grow my follower count. I continue to engage people from across the political spectrum. I continue to get positive feedback about the way I choose to engage.

You see, I am generally a “happy warrior.” (Yes, that is a h/t to Andrew Breitbart) But, despite all of those things, I am seeing a replay of post-primary 2012 sentiment on social media.. and it is getting worse. It is very frustrating to concretely define your reason for being on social media as being one of bringing people to the same table, only to see them all stand at the outer edge and never take a seat and TALK. Or worse, to see those who have a seat, never stop talking long enough to listen to anyone new. Twitter has become ( at least in #tcot and #tlot circles) the high school cafeteria, and very few want to move over and grant someone new a seat at the “cool table”.

I took the week off to decide if I needed to approach my presence differently… or if I should bother to continue at all. I have been more and more tempted to just shut down my twitter and political Facebook account and go back to participating in politics locally only. It would be much easier on me, and far less time consuming, than trying to be active locally and inspire others to do the same online. It REALLY, REALLY would, and I was very much leaning in that direction.

This morning I had three conversations and stumbled onto something my ten year old daughter drew that changed my mind. The first two of the conversations were praise for my BTR show from people I have never talked to on Twitter and had never interacted with on Facebook. One was a guy who joined Facebook last Sunday after being told to listen to my show by a friend. The other was a guy who had been fighting his family and friends on Facebook over is political beliefs and felt like he was alienating them because he didn’t know how to communicate his thoughts in a way that wasn’t offensive to them. He credited listening to my show as inspiration to keep trying to convince them. The third conversation was with a long-time friend, and it wasn’t nearly as flattering. I was reminded of something I said to him in 2009 when he was flabbergasted by the local support he heard for Obamacare: I told him to quit complaining, get educated, get off the couch and DO SOMETHING. I can be blunt when the situation calls for it. Apparently, he has learned well.

Finally, while walking outside this morning, and trying to finally make a decision, I ran across a chalk drawing my daughter did:

I should probably explain that, in her view while drawing, was a Gadsen Flag. And I grinned. Huge.

I have asked myself if I am doing anything good. I have asked myself if anyone is listening ( No one listens to the libertarian chick™ is a common tweet of mine). Both of those questions were answered, to my satisfaction, by the conversations I had this morning.

I have asked if I am even qualified to be spreading my political opinion all over the place. What I probably should have been asking was “Why not?

Self-doubt plagues us all. Activist fatigue is unavoidable. It *is* okay to take breaks… and it’s good to know that others are just as passionate as I am, when I need one.

I’ll be back. In a few more days. “Why Not?” has become “What Now?“.


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Michelle Ray (twitter: @GaltsGirl)

Michelle Ray is the host of In Deep on CDN Radio, Social Media Director for Conservative Daily News, and can be found on Twitter as @GaltsGirl

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  1. Please keep tweeting, staying engaged helps us all. I value your tweets, and thank you for helping me get more active in the dialog.

  2. I understand exactly. In solidarity I have also only Retweeted my friend Brandon’s works to a good friend. Although I know we can’t give up or defer what we bring to the table of patriotism, burn out is our enemy.

  3. Michelle,

    If you are a human being you are qualified to voice your opinions. It is one of our unalienable rights that 1A guarantees us. I’m sure you remember. We are cursed these days with the virulent idea that you have to be an “expert” at something to have any authority or meaning of value! B-S!!! That is a Liberal Proggie anti-Constitutional lie that is so engrained in our modern thinking that we don’t even recognize it as a lie. We had all better dispel that notion post-haste. Government for the people, by the people. Who among us is more qualified than that! ZERO! In fact the more “expert” you become, politically, the less Constitutional you are!! When those of us with something more than Sheep-for-Brains stop and think about THAT it will make COMMON SENSE! Our problems are “expert” generated. I think every intellegent Unqualified American should serve a single term in political office somewhere – especially in Congress. Begone all “expert” career politicians! YOU are our curse!

    I get tons of “junk” mail in my mailbox and in my email accounts. (I loath facebook, twitter, and CELL PHONES!!!!) It’s annoying on one level. I also have to take time out of my daily “productivity” (aka making a living) and I am in a perpetual state of “outrage”! None of it good for my health. I donate money when and where I can so needless to say my already meager income is taking hits too. All of it costs me something. I’ve been told I should back off and stop being so involved. I’ve been told that every time I take a poll in respond to some political appeal my name is added to a variety of “lists” which probably puts me in the cross-hairs of tyranny on the left and money mongering on the right….

    I’ve thought about this.

    SO WHAT!!!

    I am a soldier on the battlefield of 1A (and quite ready to advance to 2A) and there is one common risk to every battle field of any type – INCOMING fire! What was the famous movie line? “Damned the Torpedoes – full speed ahead!” Some folks in my circles have told me not to include them in my rants and forwarded emails because they are too busy (and self centered)… (and cowardly) to put up with the incoming fire TO STAND AND FIGHT!

    All of that incoming fire is simply the risk of doing battle.

    Keep fighting, Michelle, keep fighting. At every level you are capable of. It isn’t what “they” are doing. It is what WE are doing. And we are winning!! We are! EVEN if “we” is just you and me!

    You neither NEED nor are you obliged to JUSTIFY your convictions!

    Derrell Poole
    (Yes! Spelled with an “e” for any government snoops that aren’t sure!)

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