Obama And Kerry Are Fools With OUR Tax Dollars


Well, they’re at it again. The most transparent and open administration ever is secretly providing military aid to Egypt. It seems that Secretary of State John Kerry secretly gave Egypt $1.3 billion.

Under U.S. law, the Secretary of State must certify that the Egyptian government “is supporting the transition to civilian government, including holding free and fair elections, implementing policies to protect freedom of expression, association and religion, and due process of law.” The law, forwarded by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) gives the U.S. government the ability to waive that condition if it deems this in the U.S. national security interest and provides a detailed justification. But Kerry, despite his own misgivings, went ahead with the gift. Kerry, on May 9, 2013, said, “… we are not satisfied with the extent of Egypt’s progress and are pressing for a more inclusive democratic process and strengthening of key democratic institutions.”  [emphasis mine]

The news of that gift was never released to the public, and possibly not even to an inept Congress. Somehow, I missed Kerry’s “detailed justification” of his (secret) decision. Was it kept secret as well? The corruption continues.

Yes, that is the same Mohammed Morsi who called President Obama a “liar” in the same speech that he called Jews and Israelis “Descendants Of Apes And Pigs” and “Bloodsuckers.” That is the same Morsi who is the Muslim Brotherhood backed president of Egypt, the same Muslim Brotherhood that praised the jihad against America. That is the same Morsi who had a dissident jailed for insulting him. And that’s the same Egypt that this week sentenced 43 democracy workers, including 16 Americans, to up to five years in jail for working in Non-Governmental Organizations not registered with the government.

If Obama, et al, want to be fools, that is their prerogative. The “rub” comes in when their foolishness is financed with OUR tax dollars. One wonders what line must be crossed, what Morsi can say, before someone finally holds Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood accountable.

But that’s just my opinion
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  1. Very well said. John(I served in Vietnam) Kerry is looking at Egypt thru rose colored glasses. This is the same Egypt that is now under Morsi looking to destroy Isreal. So what do we do? We give them 200 abrams tanks and 14 F-16 fighter jets free of charge. At least Mubarek honored the peace with Isreal,but not the Muslim brotherhood. Obama helped support the overthrow of Mubarek just like he did with Quadafi even though in recent years Quadafi was giving us a lot of information and co-operating with us..

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