Landrieu slams “dumb” border fence then fails remedial geography

Landrieu slams “dumb” border fence then fails remedial geography

One brief comment during Senate debates recently gave Mary Landrieu an opportunity to illustrate how vindictive and ill-informed the modern political left has become.
The Democrat began her remarks by trashing a border fence amendment suggested by her Republican counterpart John Thune.
He wants a double fence to trace America’s southern border, which Landrieu said she “would be voting against” because of “how easy it is for people to be very ingenious about getting over it or under it.”
Though she voted for the Secure Fence Act in 2006, she now says she won’t “waste taxpayer money on a dumb fence.”
Had she stopped there, she would have only been guilty of proliferating the incendiary rhetoric common on her side of the aisle. She kept talking, though, and didn’t stop until she had wedged another foot in her mouth.
Landrieu said she would rather listen to Sen. John McCain, whose home state of Arizona borders Mexico, than South Dakota’s Thune, “who only has a border with Canada.”
For those whose geography education was limited to the public school system, North Dakota – not South – shares a border with Canada. Facts, however, are of little value to the party ruled entirely by feelings.
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  1. Republicans should use this against Landrieu in 2014.

    Bill Cassidy for Senate!

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