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Louisiana constitution set against parents from the get-go

The Louisiana supreme court dealt a blow against parental school choice on Tuesday.

Last year, Governor Bobby Jindal pushed legislation through that would allow parents to use their own tax money to pay for schools they choose instead of the failing public schools the unions would rather funnel children into.

The court did not challenge the idea of allowing parents to choose the best schools for their children, it only challenged the method by which the legislature had chosen to fund those choices – vouchers.

The State constitution does not allow public funds to be used for private education. Louisiana has a founding document that limits the liberty of parents in the area of school choice. A firm strike against hard-working middle and low-income earners.

Louisiana has a history of corruption and government over-control. Now, the Pelican state has a supreme court that believes that unions know better than parents which schools are better for kids.

The voucher program allowed low and middle-income earning families to choose high-performing schools usually only available to the middle-upper class. It appears that that while the Supreme court has pointed out some errors on the part of the legislature, the rather thin vote that allowed the voucher program to pass shows that most Lousianans prefer union-run, poorly-performing public schools and forcing parents into the schools that the ruling elite see fit.

Hopefully, Lousiana voters will realize that if they want their children to get the best education available, they will push for school choice and reject the union oppression that exists today.

Gov. Jindal has stated that state budget funds will be used to keep the program going.

If Louisiana parent are so concerned, their votes will show it next year.

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